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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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    As of this week, the tw app is kicking the bucket on my Roku TV a ND Roku 3. I bought these Roku's in order to get rid of cable boxes. When is tw going to fix this app. There has always been issues but it has gotten pretty ridiculous. I get more errors than actual TV watching. Please fix this tw!

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    Last night, while using On Demand, I noticed that a show that I wanted to watch was supposed to start @ 9pm and the time was 8:53.  So, I waited until just a few minutes after nine and went to the channel for the show I wanted to watch and it wouldn't let me watch the show.  Later, I noticed that the show time was changed to some weird time tomorrow morning - like 1am.  In digging around, i found this same situation on several shows that I keep up with. 

    I also noticed that these shows were not what was showing on Live TV.  So, what's the point in putting a date/time of the next show if you are not going to allow us to watch it on demand?

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  • 06/30/16--18:49: Error VP6
  • When I try to watch a program on demand with the TWC app on my Roku 3 I get a message that there is an error and to try back later - regardless of which program I choose. The error code listed is VP-6.

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  • 07/05/16--05:01: TWC App
  • My Twc app is not working On my Roku for about two weeks now . It says error p6. Why is this happening . I tried to reset it . Reset it back to factory settings . Tried deleting and reinstalling the appt . Disconnecting it . And still won't work . Any suggestions ?

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    I have a TCL Roku 32S3750 tv.  I added TWC login yesterday and was able to watch TWC live tv without any issue.  Today - turned TV on and went to TWC channel.  Asked me to login again.  I keep getting an oauth error message.  After 4 or 5 attempts at entering my password again, it finally connected.  But after going back to Roku home screen, then reloading TWC channel - it has started all over again.  Why can't I log into TWC channel and have authentication remembered??  Note - other channels load properly (I.e. Netflix)

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    You have got to be kidding me. Just bought 4 Roku1's and 2 Roku2's  for my house and now you pull this TWC. SMH!!

    Bring back to functionality and do it quickly before you lose a lot of your good customers.

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    Twc fix this with roku....!!!!!!

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      Why do I not get channels 8 and 19 on my Roku player? I live 30 miles east of Cleveland and should be getting all eight local stations here without cable. Before DTV messed everything up, I could get every local TV station in Cleveland with an antenna; however, now I have lost channels eight and nineteen, the latter being the CBS and MeTV channel in Cleveland. I have been told by someone on this forum that channel 19 doesn't reach much of anywhere east of Euclid, Ohio, wherever that is. (I am in Lake County, have lived in that county all my life; I don't know much, if anything, about any other county in the state, including Cuyahoga.) I live in a town called Fairport Harbor, which is 30 miles east of Cleveland, and should be getting every single Cleveland television station using just an antenna. Would I have a ghost of a chance of getting every station with an antenna, including eight and 19, if I were to move back to Wickliffe, Ohio, the city I grew up in?


      Please advise me as to how I can get all eight Cleveland TV stations with an antenna. I watch a lot of TV because my eyes are bad (I cannot read well anymore because of that). With an antenna, I would also be able to get out-of-town TV stations from Erie, Detroit and Toledo; this would be important to me if any of the Cleveland stations were blacked out for any reason, as channel 3 (NBC) is tonight as I write this.


        I spent about a half-hour on the phone earlier this evening with a TWC customer service representative, who was no help at all when I asked how I could remedy my problem. The person suggested that I try to tune my television to channel 26 (!) to get CBS; that channel does not exist in this area. The person also seemed not to hear me when I told them about my problem with reading; they kept asking me, over and over again, for information I simply could not give them.  I told them, over and over again, that I cannot read well because my eyes are bad. I don't know if they don't hear me, don't believe me (that is not their judgment to make), or whatever.


      I am not asking to have my cable service disconnected; however, I am very disappointed in the manner in which my problem was handled (or not handled, which is more correct in my case) by TWC's customer service representatives. (I gave them a "1" [very dissatisfied] rating on the survey that followed my call to TWC.) My television is very important to me because of my vision problem, and because I live in a very small town with little to do.


    I cannot and will not tolerate any missing channels that should be on the cable in my area or that I cannot receive with an antenna. I don't watch channel 3 much except for news, but due to my vision being so bad, it is important to me that I do get that channel since I cannot read a newspaper.


       The TWC representative also told me that I would not be able to get NBC programming tonight even if I could receive stations from outside my area. I used to be able to get stations from Erie, Detroit and Toledo, as well as Cleveland, on an antenna before I got cable. Now I only get Cleveland stations, and I miss the others. I am sure that the other stations can be received here, as every TV station in America is digital.



      Jeff (jhs19060)

      Fairport Harbor, Ohio








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  • 07/08/16--15:21: Roku P6 error Resolution
  • After some time with Roku my P6 error is resolved without the need to perform a factory reset. I did not lose any of my settings.


    Step 1: From the Home screen, press the following button press on your remote (do it quickly and ignoire the screen until done) : Home 3x, Up 2x, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right
    Step 2: Press OK to “Enable installer and restart”. While enabling developer mode, it will ask for password. A new password has to be set here. This will put the player into developer mode and reboot the player.
    Step 3: Once the player is back to the Homescreen, follow Step 1 again to enter into the Developer Settings screen
    Step 4: Press OK to Disable installer and restart. This will take the player out of Developer mode.


    TWC app will now work.


    If you get a Purple video screen (I did on one of the 5 devices) then follow this to resolve.


    Step 1: Unplug Roku Power

    Step2: Unplug Roku HDMI Cable

    Step3: Unplug HDMI from back of TV

    Step4: Unplug power from TV

    Step5: Wait 1 minute

    Step6: Apply power to TV and turn on

    Step7: Connect HDMI Cable to both TV and Roku

    Step8: Apply power to Roku


    Problem solved.

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  • 07/11/16--04:30: P700 error code
  • Now we have a p700 code....????????? After resolving the p6 error code I find today is not working AGAIN!!!! I want to scream.....

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  • 07/11/16--13:58: Update: Roku P-6 Errors
  • We have been working with Roku to resolve the ongoing P-6 error encountered when using the TWC TV app.  We do not have a firm ETR. However (as several community members have already posted in other threads) there is a workaround from Roku: 


    Step 1: From the Home screen, ask the customer to press the following button press on their remote : Home 3x, Up 2x, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right


    Step 2: Press OK to "Enable installer and restart". This will put the player into developer mode and reboot the player.


    Step 3: Once the player is back to the Homescreen, follow Step 1 again to enter into the Developer Settings screen


    Step 4: Press OK to Disable installer and restart. This will take the player out of Developer mode.


    Once the player is back to the Homescreen, please try and play content from the TWC Channel. This should resolve the issue.


    For clarification, we have not discontinued support for older Roku units, however for best performance we recommend current generation Roku boxes inlcuding:


    Roku 2 (model 4210X)

    Roku 3 (model 4230X)

    Roku 4 (model 4400X)

    Streaming Stick HDMI (3500X)


    Additoinally, the prior generation Roku 3 (model 4200X) generally performs well.


    Thank you for your patience and understanding.




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    I am not getting the P-6 error that many have had, but I am unable to use the TWC TV app on my Roku anymore. During the stage when it normally is connecting, it just hangs, then shows the error in the subject line, then returns me to the home screen. I have tried everything (except a factory reset--obviously that should be a last resort).


    • I have rebooted using the Restart option in the Settings (there is no Shutdown option).
    • I have removed and re-added the app multiple times (sometimes I've shut down after removal and let it sit to purge any remaining cache memory). I don't even get to the point to reauthenticate.
    • I've gone into developer mode and back out.
    • I've gone into developer mode, removed the app, gone back out of developer mode, then re-added the app.


    Nothing works. We have an older Roku 3 (4200) which, according to everything I've read, should be supported and working fine.


    Help? I'd really like to be able to use the app again since it's the only way to watch many things in the room where the Roku is.



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    First it was my ROKU 2 and ROKU SE that stopped working now it is my ROKU stick.  I can no longer watch television on the tvs that have these devices that I was told would work and DID WORK until recently.  FIX this problem TWC.  Please advise what needs to be done to get these all working again. 

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  • 07/17/16--05:46: DVR access from Roku app
  • If I stream from my PC or my Android phone, I have access to my DVR recordings.  I can't find that using the Roku app.  Am I missing something?

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    This morning I get the message 'The program you have requested is only available when you are accessing this video service in your home, using a cable modem authorized by Time Warner Cable'.    This is on a Roku 3.


    All other iOS devices and kindle fire think that we're away from home on wifi.  (suggesting that the authorized customer cable modem is not recognized).    Obviously the cable modem is valid, I'm on this forum using Road Runner from home.


    Anyone else?

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  • 07/18/16--10:05: Now let's get p707 code!!!
  • I don't know how many codes I can possibly get on my roku before I toss everything out the door!!!

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  • 07/19/16--16:44: TWC TV add on for KODI
  • Is the TWC TV app available for KODI on Amazon Firebox

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  • 07/20/16--10:15: How I ended P700 Errors
  • 3 weeks ago I had many P700 errors across 4 of my 5 Roku devices.

    My kids were getting tired of it and complaining.

    I decided to investigate what was going on.


    I took my Android Phone and added an app call WiFi Analyzer and an App for

    I sat my phone next to my Roku devices one by one.


    I ran the Analyzer to see signal strength and ran a speedtest.

    On the Roku's that had the worst problems my signal was strength was below -60dbm and Speedtest was giving me between 10-20mbps. (average was 12)


    One Roku had no problems and its signal strength was -45dbm and speedtest was 108mbps.


    I moved my Wifi access point around but found there were too many walls and floors in the way so I started to add more access points on different channels.

    I used the Powerline type so I did not have to run cables anywhere (they use the home electrical wiring)

    I now have 3 access points on channels 1,6 and 11 (so you do not get channel overlap)


    After this I tested again, No Roku in my home has a signal below -60dbm and Speedtest is not below 35mbps.

    Most are around -45dbm and speeds around 90mbps now.


    For 2 weeks now I have not had a single P700 error on any of my devices. The kids no longer complain and I have found the Guide is far more responsive than it was before., channel changes are much faster, On Demand searches are faster even with the Roku SE model which was $25 on black friday. They are all very useable with good response times.


    This is what I did with results, This does not mean it will fix your issues and I am not saying to go out and spend money. I invested not just for my Roku but also for Laptops, Mobile Phones and Game Consoles which all benefited from the change. I also have only 1 splitter in my cable line before the modem and I had new cable ran from the pole to my home which I buried in conduit but that was way before I made these changes.

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  • 07/20/16--13:04: P-6 Error Resolution
  • Hi All,


    This is my first post which i hope very resolve your issue. I just fixed my P-6 error message by using two sites. The first site is the Roku site which has the directions to get you to the Roku Developer Mode. Be patient as it took me several tries and is the reason why I am adding a second site, a visual one from YouTube, which shows you how to get there. This visual is under two minutes and extremely helpful. By using both sites, my TWC Roku was functional within about 8 minutes or so. It should work. I noticed that once I did it on one Roku, the others were again functional. Please make sure to read all 4 steps on the Roku site because you will need to go into the Developer Mode and put in a password which they suggested as 123. I had to use 1234. At a certain point, after the reboot, you will need to repeat the steps and disable the installer. It is very simple once you get to the Developer Mode. Watch the YouTube before beginning as it is VERY HELPFUL.


    Roku Site (Resolving P-6 Issue):


    YouTube Site (How To Enable Developer Mode on Roku):




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    I have several Rokus, models 2, 3 and 4.


    With the latest Roku OS release (version 7.0.2 build 4100 on July 5th), my Roku 2 began experiencing the P-6 error.  I applied the fix and that stopped the P-6 error, but it has now introduced a new problem that is still related to the new Roku OS release.


    The Roku 2 will freeze and reboot itself after about 15 minutes of play time running the TWC app.  This has happened every time I watch this TV, and though I haven't pulled out a stopwatch, it feels like it is the same exact amount time each time.  Interestingly enough, it doesn't have to run TWC App continuously for the problem to occur.  I watched TWC App for a while (less than 15 minutes), then went back to Roku Home and left it on the settings screen for about an hour.  When I reopend the TWC app, it went through the authentication process, then right before displaying the 'watch live tv' menu, it locked up and rebooted the device.


    So something about the TWC app is setting a 15 minute reboot timer on the Roku 2.


    All other roku channels are working properly on this device.


    None of my other Roku's (models 3 and 4) are affected by this, they are all running the same versions of the Roku OS and the TWC App, so it looks to me that only the Roku 2 experiences it.


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