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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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  • 02/02/16--13:51: TWC app on phone.
  • I have an insignia roku TV. On my twc Android app, I can see the 2 cable boxes in the house but my roku TV is not listed under devices. Therefore I can't control my TV, but can control the others. Is there a way to control my roku TV from my twc Android app?

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  • 02/02/16--14:57: TWC TV error
  • S there something wrong with the ROKU app cause I keep getting the error that I'm not on my home network?

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    I just installed the TWC Roku app from Roku's website but the app is not showing up in my list of channels.

    What gives?

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    It used to work fine. But I've noticed for the past few weeks when I go to watch an episode of some shows from the Lifetime app, when I choose PLAY..... the screen flashes a bit and then sends me back to the roku home screen.

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  • 02/12/16--06:03: ESPN ON TBS
  • Does anyone know why on the Roku app they have ESPN showing on TBS?

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    switched to TWC and was given the option to have some trial they're running whereby you get the Roku device as a "cable box" so I opted for it, but it looks like it's more troublesome than it's worth so I'm wondering if there's a better way to use this device to watch regular TV. as of now the steps are turn on TV > turn on Roku > find TWC app > start TWC app > Channel guide > find channel through unsorted list


    am I missing something?? so many steps versus turn on TV > turn on cable box > change channels.

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    I have a Roku 1 player hooked up to my flat-screen TV. It works very well, but I am wondering if there is one setting that will allow both high-definition and standard-definition programming to fill the screen without having to manually reset the aspect ratio (main video menu->advanced video->aspect ratio) when I go from HD to SD programming. I watch standard-definition shows on the retro channels most of the time, but occasionally, say for the evening news, I watch the HD feed of one of the network stations. Is the Roku 1 capable of automatically switching aspect ratio between HD and SD, or vice versa, depending on whether the incoming stream is 16:9 HD or 4:3 SD?

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    I purchased the Roku streaming stick for one TV and it seemed to work really well. I purchased the Roku SE for another TV and initially it seemed to work well. In the past month or so I've had issues with skipping where the voice drops out and the stream jerks a bit. This happens on both TVs when steaming through the TWC app. Last night I had issues with buffering, which I hadn't encountered before. This is definitely an app issue because the Roku devices and my wireless connection work fine with Netflix. 

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  • 02/21/16--16:23: TBS Channel disappeared.
  • I'm in Louisville Ky. A couple of weeks ago TBS finally showed up on my Roku line up. Today I found it gone again. What gives? This is one of the channels that I've been wanting for a while. Please put it back.

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    Severe issues with ondemand on the Time Warner Roku app.  Recent issue that occurred last week or so--was fine for the past 2 months prior to this issue.  Modem hard reset;  modem software updated over a 30 min phone call  to time warner.  I then took the Time Warner app on my TV and uninstalled and reinstalled it. Still having issues.


    Error messages when on-demanding Showtime as well as CBS, ABC, etc shows.  Show will play for about 2-5 mins and then error code appears.


    Any help appreciated--I did call customer service....but rep didn't know anything about Roku or even Roku TV and no knowledge of the Time Warner app,,,,

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  • 02/23/16--11:18: The Weather Channel??
  • This is so very frustraiting....what - is - the - deal with The Weather Channel and code P700 all the stinking time??



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  • 02/28/16--15:43: TWC App not working
  • Is anyone else having a problem with the TWC App for Roku.  When I try to log in it says that

    "Feature Unavailable.  The program you have reqeusted is only available when you are accessing

    this video service in your home, using a cable modem authorized by Time Warner Cable."  I am

    at home trying to acces TWC through Roku.  

    I also checked with TWC TV on my computer and it is also having a problem.  States that I see you are away from home.  I know it was working earlier today as I was watching it.  


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  • 02/29/16--11:21: CBS AND NBC
  • CBS and NBC local stations in Raleigh NC switch so y'all should switch the logos on your app please

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  • 03/08/16--15:20: TWC app issues.
  • I am a Time warner Cable,Phone, and internet customer, and I primarily use my roku 4 of my entertainment and news. For some time now i have experienced very irritating and disappointing issues with the TWC app on my roku device. At times the app will completely freeze, channels will not load, and numerous times channels have been dropped for no reason. It is not the roku device because other installed services work perfectly and seamlessly. I know it is not my internet speed or connection as i have it hooked in via a LAN line directly to my home wireless modem and my internet speeds usually stay around 40Mbps to the upper 50s. I do believe it is necessary to fix this apps stability because this app is honestly a very large disappointment.

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    When in the guide I can see the show's name when looking at the "On Now" or "On Next" view. If I click the right arrow once more to go in to the "Full program guide view" I see "retrieving" but then lose the program data. Some channels display the show name but most say no data - or something like that. Anyone else come across this issue?

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  • 03/16/16--06:23: P700
  • I'M HAVING THE SAME ISSUE WITH THE TWC APP. (The TWC app has been working fine for the last 6 months. nothing changed on my end....All of the suddden the news channels ( and others) start giving me a P700 error. Had to reboot the modem box a couple times a week in order to get my systems to work.  I've done a couple of speed checks, it jumps up and down.  I've also noticed the twc app on  has been having a very hard time connecting and maintaining a good connection as well. BUT I WAS TOLD IT'S MY WIRELESS device. SO I WENT OUT AND BROUGHT ANOTHER WIRELESS DEVICE AND I STILL HAVE THE SAME ISSUES. Can someone from TWC please fix the problem...

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  • 03/16/16--19:56: Enter Channel Nuber
  • I was wondering if there is a way to just entering the channel number you want to watch on a roku insted of having to scroll through all the channels? I tried diferent searches but no luck. Thanks

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    Or add new channels? Not sure why but I only have a few channels and missing ch 12? It was there before.

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    I realize there is probably another place for me to leave this message but I can't find it. I am new to using such forums.  I have tried calling Turner Classic Movies but no one answers the phone and no one at Time Warner Cable or Roku can answer my question.   So here is my problem and request.  Until yesterday when I went to Time Warner ON DEMAND on my Roku I could open TCM and find a few movies to choose from.  Yesterday TCM was completely missing from my Network options.  What's up?  I have been hoping Time Warner would join with TCM so I could go through my Roku and choose from upwards of 30 movies in weekly intervals during the month but now I don't even have it as an option through the regular Time Warner on DEMAND option????  Can someone explain what the problem is?

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      My Roku 1 player works well most of the time, but occasionally the video streams from the local channels reload themselves over and over again. The problem is the worst on the COZI TV subchannel of ABC channel five in Cleveland, but it has started on channel three as well. What is the problem, and how do I correct it? Please do not ask me to post tables of modem signal levels, etc. as you sometimes ask other people to do when they report these problems.


     I do not know anything about how the Roku player works; what I do care about is getting my local TV channels with reception as good as when I watch them over the cable or using an antenna. I am getting tired of seeing the player constantly restart itself as well; I turn on the TV, press several buttons on the remote to start the player, then get a blank screen, followed by the error message "Service unavailable. We apologize, but we cannot fulfill your request at this time. . . ." I can usually get the player to work as it should by rebooting it, but I find this an annoyance I can do without.


     I never had these problems with cable or when I was getting my TV reception over an antenna. Does the Roku player have some sort of bug in its software that causes the problem I am describing, or is this Roku's way of bugging me to get a faster player than the one I have? Is the Roku 1 player close to being (or already) obsolete, to the point where one of these days it will stop working altogether?


      Thank you.


      Jeff (jhs19060)




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