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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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    I have a Roku 1 player which works very well with the TWC TV app, and with my flat screen TV. The picture quality is much better than I ever had with NTSC analog. However, I am wondering why I am still getting analog channels through the Roku, as well as the digital ones; I thought TWC had eliminated analog cable service in most areas, so the analog stations shouldn't even appear on the grid if in fact there is no analog cable in this area. I am in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, thirty miles east of Cleveland, and have TWC Standard TV cable service. Is there a way I can delete the analog channels from the Roku's listing, leaving only the digital ones? I tried this once already, but wound up deleting both analog and digital feeds of the local stations in my area. Is there some special method to use to delete unwanted channels from the Roku's channel list, as was possible with cable and OTA TV, well before Roku was even thought of?


      Thanks much for any and all replies.



      Jeff (jhs19060)


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  • 12/11/15--18:30: Roku and Ipad fixed
  • Thank you Time Warner!!! I went on my site and updated my information and the serial number of my new Roku Streaming stick. I gave it until this morning to check it again. I was very satisfied!! It is now working on my Roku and my mini Ipad. Again thank you TWC for listening and advising and also who was very informative.








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    I have accidentally added 2 Channels to the Favorites, but when I actually try to add a channel I can't do it.  Don't know what I'm doing wrong.  I just got this Roku TV and am trying to figure out how the TWC App works.  In the main menu I have the following choices:

       Watch Live TV


       On Demand



    Nowhere, even in the Settings can I find a way to set up Favorite Channels.  I can set the Guide to show my Favorite Channels but no way to actually Set those up.  I have not be able to reproduce the way I did it accidentally.  Does anyone know how to do it?

    Thanks to anyone who can help with this.



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  • 12/16/15--22:20: Roku 4 hour fix
  • Please fix the four hour time limit of viewing on Roku, if we are watching it, after four hours on Roku there is a message that pops up on the screen "To continue watching press OK" if we press OK it continues playing, if not it closes up the app and returns to home screen. I have been through the settings of the app to try and fix this and have not yet found a solution to this. It is really annoying at times. If anyone knows how to fix it to run continuously, please help me out thanks.

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    This has just started recently and has nothing to do with the Roku four hour time out.  At random intervals (30 mins to a couple of hrs) the TWCTv app simply shuts itself down and returns to the Roku home screen with no apparent cause. I'm able to reconnect to the app immediately with no problem. Wifi in the house is excellent and this occurs on no other device. No settings or equipment have been changed.  It started probably 3 - 4 weeks ago and is becoming more frequent in the last week. No other apps on the same Roku exhibit the same behavior (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Acorn, etc) so it's clearly the TWC Roku app that has the issue. Any one else experiencing this?  Suggestions?

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  • 12/24/15--12:31: All I get is SIGN OFF
  • Suddenly about an hour ago my Roku 3 started showing only one program on TWC, "SIGN OFF." I hit OK and go to the main program list and the only program that shows is this one. The Guide shows this one on five channels. Nothing else. Programs I access through "search" do not come up. Meanwhile our cable box in another room is still getting everything. What's happening and how do I bring back all the TWC programs?

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     I also get the "service unavailable" message on only one channel (COZI TV, subchannel of Cleveland ABC channel 5). The stream freezes, then the message appears on my TV screen. This happens every few seconds to every minute or so, and only on this particular subchannel; all the others work well and do not freeze. Since this problem occurs on channel 5's COZI TV DTV subchannel (channel 5's main channel stream does not freeze at any time), is this something I will just have to live with, or is there a solution? COZI TV is one of my favorite networks, since it carries many TV shows I grew up watching;  it is very annoying to see the picture freeze and the "service unavailable" window pop up. Is this an issue with my Roku player (Roku 1), the router, or something else beyond my control? Is this a problem TWC can correct or, since it involves a DTV subchannel, is it completely out of  the cable operator's hands? I mention this because I was told just that (that problems with DTV subchannels are beyond TWC's control) some time ago, when I was having problems with a subchannel (this was before COZI TV was added to my Roku channel lineup; the problem I was having was with another DTV subchannel). 






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    I use the twc TV app on my roku, never had an issue before, and now one of my channel's cartoon network is all in Spanish language. I checked my TV setting and it is set to english. I also restarted my roku along with logging out and in on the twc app.

    Any suggestions?

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    I am a TWC customer with a fairly sizeable cable package for my home.  I also travel frequently and would like to be able to use my Roku 2 in order to access my existing programming in 1 - 2 other locations I frequently say at.  Neither of these locations have TWC even available as a provider, and I have no control over the necessity to use a separate internet provider.


    When setting up my new Roku system I was happy to see the TWC TV app, but when I entered my TWC login information, received the message:


    "The program you have requested is only available when you are accessing this video service in your home, using a cable modem authorized by Time Warner Cable"


    It's pretty unbelievable that this is the case - it pretty much invalidates most of the use cases for the Roku app.  I've read some of the other postings here about the same problem, but the answers from TWC reps seem inadequate.  I'd like to see this changed.  I understand that there is some risk of having cable services pirated, however there should at a minimum be validated exceptions for legitimate customers that can be put in as an override.  Some pretty weak support and answers for your long-time customers here, TWC.  I had been thinking of adding more to my home subscription so that it would be available on the road, but apparently that won't work.


    I already know how to use the app on laptop and other devices - nice when you HAVE to be mobile but why settle for that tiny screen?  Fix this!

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  • 01/10/16--15:09: Roku 1 support
  • I have a Roku 1, model #2710-X, which works very well with the TWC TV app. However, I can't help wondering why my Roku is already obsolete, when I bought it just under a year ago.


      BTW, how will I know when my Roku 1 is no longer supported? I don't mean refusing to accept updates, etc.; I am trying to find out if or when the player will stop working altogether. I am getting periodic notices on my TV screen that say "TWC Cable works better with a faster Roku player". My current player still works perfectly well. Are these on-screen messages TWC's way of telling me my Roku is obsolete and probably will stop working eventually? If the box doesn't completely stop, which features will stop first? I've read that the first feature to stop will be the daily software and channel updates; is this just the tip of the iceberg, with other features stopping one after another until the box is completely unusable?


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    I am paying $25 a month for TV Japan.  When I signed up for TWC three months ago, I spoke with a customer service rep. and their supervisor about my needs.  To keep costs lower, they asked me to purchase a Roku for my bedroom TV so that I wouldn't have to pay $15/month extra for another HD box.  I signed up for a triple-play package with one DVR for my living room and I purchased a Roku outright for the bedroom.  As they promised, I was able to watch TV Japan on the TWC TV app isntalled on the Roku.


    However, TV Japan dissappeared a few weeks ago from Roku.  It shows up in the guide for the TWC TV app, but I cannot select it to watch it.  I can only view the channel on my DVR in the living room.


    I had to speak to four different TWC customer service representatives before it was finally escalated to "the eingineering team".  We went throught he troubleshooting steps including buying a brand new Roku and setting it up.  


    The final result of all of this troubleshooting was: "We decided to remove it from the TWC app."


    I'm paying $25 a month and I cannot watch it on the TV it is intended for.  I can't get my money back for that Roku I bought a few months ago because I am out of the return policy date.  


    However, when I called in to Time Warner, they told me that the best they can do is to increase my monthly payment by $7/month for six months, after which time it'll increase another $15/month.


    Has anyone ran into a similar issue?  Is the only option to cancel and go with another company? 

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    Will the TWC TV App for the Roku work away from home on a different ISP? The Mobile App works away from home so why not the Roku?


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  • 01/17/16--15:29: Roku channels
  • Can somebody explain the rational for what channels show up on the TWC Roku app?  It seems like some of them come and go randomly, and I get 3x the number of channels on the TWC Windows PC app.



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  • 01/19/16--16:54: disney channel
  • hi, i cant watch disney channel on my roku,  TWC is not on the list provider ,need help


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    We keep getting an error code of p705 on the roku stick while using the twc app. This only occurs when we watch TBS on the twc app on the roku stck. Ithe never happens on any other channel or on any other device. Please help.

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  • 01/24/16--16:31: My app is loaded on my roku
  • The app runs for about 20 minutes at a time then resets my entire box and then i have to select the app again and find the show on demand again and start all over. It is very annoying. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times and even reset my roku

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  • 01/27/16--20:18: Fox sports south
  • Will we ever get this channel on the app?

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  • 01/30/16--21:18: TWC TV Roku app lag
  • I just started using the TWC Roku package yesterday, and up until a couple of hours ago, it was fine, but now the TWC app lags so much it's basically useless. Are there settings changes that can make a difference, or is just the quality of the app?

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  • 02/01/16--04:14: Roku 3 app is not working
  • Help my roku 3 app is not currently working with my twc subscription. I've tried restarting the cable modem and powering off the roku and turning it back on. 


    The message reads the program you have requested is only available when accessing in your home using a modem authorized by time warner. 


    I do do not understand the cable modem is time warmers. The roku 3 is mine. Is twc now forcing customers to only use their roku???


    this is very frustrating. I have an extensive package and am located in NYC. Are any other users experiencing the same problem?

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  • 02/01/16--18:58: ESPN and P707
  • **EDIT** It looks like it came back on this evening after a handful of days not functioning.  I'm still trying to understand what type of error P707 is; local network issue or if it's at TWC's end. **END EDIT**


    I've been getting a 707 on ESPN and a few of the other ESPN networks for about a 4 days now.  Has anyone else experienced this?


    ESPN Ocho appears to be fine.

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