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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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    For the last week or so.  When using Roku3 TWC-TV app.  The "favorites" filter is having issues.   If you add a channel to it like "CNN" - it will add 3 CNN channels.   Since CNN exists 3 times in the TWC channel lineup.  Chennel 44, 350, 1350.   I only want one CNN favorite not all 3 its messy then.     TWC App software version is 2.6.21.  Looks like it was built on Oct 14.

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  • 10/25/15--13:53: Missing Channels
  • I have TWC cable and Standard TV. Using Roku boxes primarily to access TV programming. Everything working fine except that ESPN, ESPN2, Big Ten Network and a few other channels are not accessible via the guide on Roku.


    Yes, I can watch ESPN via the WatchESPN app. No, I don't understand why ESPN and the others are not accessible via the guide on Roku or on my iPhone 6 iOS app or via my Samsung Smart TV TWC app.

    I called tech support and did not get an definitive answer- he just said use the WatchESPN app- which, of course, doesn't help with BTN or the other missing networks. 


    I do not have any TWC cable boxes in my house other than the TWC supplied cable modem.


    I'm in Delafield, Wisconsin if that helps with troubleshooting.


    Any ideas?


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    anyone know where to inquire about this beta test?

    the (edited) who answer tech support think i'm crazy.

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    Starting today we have activated the Emergency Alert System (EAS) notifications on the TWC TV for Roku platform. If an EAS alert is triggered by a local, state or other authority while a you are watching TWC TV on your Roku device, the video player will be interrupted with the emergency message and audio.


    This will include weekly and monthly tests as required by law, just as they appear on set-top boxes today.



    Julia R.
    TWC-Social Media Customer Care
    Moderator - TWC Community Forums

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    I receiving an Error Message, 'Feature Unavailable - The program is only available when you are accessing this video service in your home, using a cable modem authorized by Time Warner Cable.


    Are there any network outages for TWC TV?

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    I have a Roku 2 and a Roku 3 and they both cannot get one local channel. I tried rebooting the Roku boxes, rebooting my router, rebooring the cable box, removing and re-adding the TWC app, and even had the office send a hit to my cable equipment. Anyone at TWC have any ideas?

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    This is the most unreliable piece that I have ever had with a cable company for 3 months of new service.  Multiple times without channels, service, etc...  The new one today when I turn on TV says :"the program you have requested is only available when you are accessing this video service in your home, using a cable modem authorized by time warner cable.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN MY HOME FOR THREE MONTHS, why am I getting this message???

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    I have a DVR brain box, and use the Roku in the bedroom.  The number of missing channels seems to br growing.


    At first ALL the Encore channels disappeared, and now I am missing Sundance as well.  WIthout comparing things I cannot account for what other channels are missing.


    Also, the Encore and Sundance channel are even missing on the Guide in the TWC Roku app.


    Finally (and this is not a complaint, but I am guessing the FCC would not be amused), I am able to see all the local broadcast channel networks.  ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC are all coming thru on the Roku.  This did not happen before

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  • 11/08/15--14:17: TWC TV Not working
  • So I have starter TV and have been using TWC TV for months. I got on wednesday and it now says Starter TV or higher is required for this feature. This messsage comes up on both my roku's and my laptop. Am I missing something? it seems the TWC app updated and now it won't let me on.

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    I am using the TW App on a Roku device and Closed Captioning is automattically appearing.  How do I turn closed captions to off/on?




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    Hi,  I'm not talking about favorites, I'm talking about adding and removing a series from the 'Watch Later List'.


    Once you add something to the list, what does that do?  I don't see anything anywhere else that shows items on my list...where is it?  I thought it might be somewhere in OnDemand, but I do not see it there.


    Thanks, Patrick

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  • 11/13/15--14:17: feature request
  • Just got a roku for the TWC app and I noticed there are some basic features that are missing. There should be some way to go to the previous channel so you can easily hop back and forth between two shows. If I am watching a show on channel 170 and another on channel 3, it is very unwieldy to scroll back and forth.


    Second issue is there should be some way to enter the channel number directly. IE hit a button, enter channel 540 and go directly to it. For the iPhone roku remote there is really no excuse for not having this since there is a built-in keyboard...


    Are there any plans to add this to the TWC app somehow?

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  • 10/03/15--11:34: Roku 1 and 4K

      I am wondering whether my Roku 1 player will work with the new 4K television standard when the latter is finally commissioned for North American TV. What differences can I expect to see in my TV picture if this player does work with the new standard? I don't want to have to replace my Roku player if it isn't necessary. I understand most current versions of the Roku players will no longer be updated after a certain date, but I am simply curious as to whether and for how long current players will be supported after Roku 4 is on the market.


        Thanks much.


        Jeff (jhs19060)

        Very satisfied Roku 1 owner since August 2011







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    Avaialble in Cleveland Heights?


    Does it support all channels?


    What is missing?


    Does it support surround sound (5.1)?


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    On October 20 I noticed that the TWC Roku app no longer works (on my Roku3).


    The app starts up without error shows a list of channels on the left side of screen, but the area where the video is supposed to appear is black and about 10 seconds later it shows an error that says: “We apologize, but we are unable to fulfill your request at this time.  Please try again later.  (Error codeSmiley Tongue700).”    This is a TWC-only problem: the other Roku apps I have, Netflix and Amazon, work fine. 


    So, I called TWC support and spent an hour on the phone with them. I had to explain the above situation about three times to different people. TWC support told me to do these things to fix the Roku, but nothing fixed the problem.


    • I logged out of the TWC app and then logged back in.
    • I removed the TWC app from the Roku, re-installed it and logged back in.

    (I also did a factory reset on the Roku and re-installed all of my apps. That did not help either.)


    The TWC “advanced support” rep then told me that my modem may be the problem and promised that TWC would send a new modem in two days time.  A week later, no new modem. 


    I called back and had to explain everything above again. This time I was told that my modem is fine, they are not sending a replacement and they know there is a problem with the TWC Roku app but don’t know how to fix it and don’t know when they will figure it out.  That is a pretty sad statement on TWC’s technical abilities.


    Can anybody from TWC comment about when the latest Roku “P700” problems will be resolved?


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    The three local broadcast TV channels (ABC, NBC and PBS) that were missing from my TWC TV app last night are back as of about noon today. The problem must have been caused by a temporary outage at the headend serving my area.


     However, I noticed, while watching a program on MeTV this morning, that the Emergency Alert System weekly test appeared not once, but several times during the course of the show I was watching. Why was that test being run so often? The FCC's EAS regulations state that the system must be tested once weekly, but several tests over the course of an hour-long program are too much. Perhaps the computer running them had a temporary glitch that caused it to send out the test several times.

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    TWC Dallas, highest tier without Premiums.

    Have TWC DVR plus TWC furnished Digital Adapters. All working OK.

    Have 2 identical Roku 1's hooked up to same input.

    One has all subscibed channels, other is missing everything below channel 100 and a bunch of upper channels but no apparent rhyme or reason to it.

    Have done multiple reloads and power cycles, no change.

    TWC TV is working with all channels on my PC.

    TWC help line is clueless and I can't get past them to Tier 2 support.

    Former TV and Network Engineer. 

    Any thoghts?

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    I am having a problem on both roku 2 with them freezing and rebooting when watching things ondemand. Problem does not happen with watching live tv. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted everything and all that good stuff but the problem persists. Just started happening in the last week or so in Cleveland area

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    there seems to be some NR/NC-17 content from showtime channels inside twc-tv channel on my roku 3.  

    i found it On Demand, Networks, Showtime, SHO After Hours.  i don't object to it, i simply want to know;

    is there any way to pin/pw protect this material so our teenage babysitter does not view it while on duty?


    we do NOT have a cabletv tuner box, instead we use the new streaming only over twc-isp offer for twc-tv.


    we already pin protected our roku3 so he can't temporarily add adult channels during our absense.

    i can't stop him from doing this on his own smartphone, just at least not on my smarttv or computer.

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  • 12/07/15--19:13: Twc roku tv not working.
  • I recently purchased the tcl roku tv and the twc streaming channel worked fine at first but now anytime I try and use it is get an error message saying your request cannot be processed at this time, try again later. Why's that happening?

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