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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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    I have two TV'S. One is a SMART TV,with Samsungs' pre-installed APPS, but this TV is already connected to a NETWORK, so i don't need it on this one.


    I have my second TV, (DUMB, NOT SMART, LAN ready,)  in a bedroom. It does not have the TWC app, but it is connected to an APPLE TV DEVICE. I will need to disconnect the APPLE TV thingie, and use either the ROKU 2-4210, or the ROKU3-4210, in order to watch cable, on this second TV.


    Has anyone acheived this method with great results, or is it still, a hit and a miss?

    I need to get cable in this bedroom, using the ROKU, (or something like Amazon firestick, or the GOOGLE chrome) and connected 70' feet away using Cat5e Cable, into my main internet router, at the other end of the house..

    I've been hearing complaints on the boards about the difficulty with the TWC APPS....


    Another workaround, if i don't care seeing the cable in the house, I could maybe connect a 30' Cat5e from my wi-fi access point, about 30 feet away. This Wi-Fi extender is in the kitchen, facing both TV's. One in the bedroom, and the main licingroom TV.

    But Roku told me the BETTER connection, would be to run the longer Cat5e from router, under the raised house, and into the Roku's LAN input.


    Does this make any sense? Will I be able to watch CNN, or ABC, NBC, etc., using Roku2, or 3, without any issues, on my second TV?


    Thank you!  Jim








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  • 09/05/15--07:48: WGN not here
  • In cleveland suburban  listing Wher would I find  WGN (13) not showing in my guide.

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  • 09/02/15--18:28: TWC APP ON ROKU 3
  • For past 2 days I have been getting on my Fox News channel 71  via my Roku 3 a error P700 whats the deal. Anyone know what's going on? Other channels also dping the same thing??

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    lately we have seen on multiple channels an endless loop of TWC commercials. Everything is going along fine, the show we are watching breaks for commercials. If a TWC commercial comes on after another commercial, the loop starts. It stays on TWC commercials until you change channels and go back. Then the TV show you were watching is actually on and you've missed it part of it.

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    Hi, I read this thread, which sounds close to the same setup as I have.The writer received the same error message as I just did when trying to log into the TWC app on my Roku 3: "The program you have requested is only available when you are accessing this video service in your home, using a cable modem authorized by Time Warner Cable"


    The writer was advised to have TWC install (at no charge) a TWC gateway modem (no mention of whether there's then a monthly charge for the modem, post-installation).


    My setup: I have a Tivo with an M-card installed, that's how I get my TWC cable service. I have DSL Internet from my phone provider. My Roku 3 is connected via WiFi.


    So -- gateway installation for me, too? And will TWC charge rent on it, once it's installed? (And if the latter is true -- can I have my own gateway modem installed, as I recently did at my mom's house? She has Roadrunner as her ISP. I used a TWC-approved Motorola, and we returned her TWC modem, for which she was being charged a montly fee.)

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  • 09/12/15--20:03: TWC CHANNEL LINE UP
  • My TWC channel line up on ruko don't match whats on local tv.

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  • 09/15/15--16:32: CC Feature Request
  • I love the TWC TV app on my Roku 3. I would like to know if the feature to toggle caption on or off could be added to the app in the future?
    I have to back out of the app and go to Roku settings to turn caption on or off.

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    This is the second show we've watched where the audio for the blind descriptive commentary is on the background of the shows. We have not been able to find a way to shut it off. It is vety annoying. Please assist!

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    Using the Roku 3 as our master bedroom STB and within the past 2 days, we go to open the app and it stays on for not even a second then closes immediately to Roku home screen. I have reset modem, Roku, deleted/reinstalled app numerous times and issue still occuring. Can anyone provide ideas ob on what might be going on? Thanks!

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    I guess I never really looked for this channel until the college football season was starting. Now I do not see it, nor do I see it on the mobile TWC app? Does anyone have a solution for this outside of installing BTN2GO? Thanks!

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    Live tv doesn't work. All I'm getting is error code p700. I'm not sure why they are advertising this app when it doesn't work! 

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  • 10/03/15--11:34: Roku 1 and 4K

      I am wondering whether my Roku 1 player will work with the new 4K television standard when the latter is finally commissioned for North American TV. What differences can I expect to see in my TV picture if this player does work with the new standard? I don't want to have to replace my Roku player if it isn't necessary. I understand most current versions of the Roku players will no longer be updated after a certain date, but I am simply curious as to whether and for how long current players will be supported after Roku 4 is on the market.


        Thanks much.


        Jeff (jhs19060)

        Very satisfied Roku 1 owner since August 2011







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    I am trying to watch E channel and every 3-5 seconds the screen blinks. Anybody else getting this? Also, tried to access HGTV and it says it cannot access it. Just got tv today and it worked fine for about a half hour. HGTV came on no problem. Broadcast tv seems to be fine.

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    Using the twc TV app live streaming the audio is how it should be but when I go to on demand through the app, the volume is very lo and I have to boost the volume almost to the max to hear anything. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    Time Warner has a problem with their local ad insertion into live TV with the TWCTV app.  This is what occurs when a cluster of commercials is played during a program and TWC overrides the commercials that come from the network with their own.  This has always been done on cable systems and isn't unusual, however the mechanism for doing this with the TWCTV app is broken.  The symptom is that the TWC commercials just keep playing after the end of the commercial break and you miss the resumption of the program by a minute or two.  Sometimes the sound disappears altogether when the extra commercials start.


    Here's a workaround that prevents this from happening.  When you recognize a local commercial beginning, which may be for a local business or TWC itself, immediately change the channel to another one and then back to the one you were watching.  I do it by pressing the sequence of keys  < ^ OK < v OK on the roku remote to briefly switch to the channel just before my channel in the list and then back.  It's not necessary to wait for the video on the other channel to start before you go back to your channel so you can push that sequence of buttons without pausing between them.  When the video on the channel you were watching comes back, you should see a different commercial playing and when the break ends, your program should resume.


    This will only affect that one commercial break so when the next break happens you will have to do it again.  That's somewhat annoying, but it's a lot better than having to watch the same commercials over and over again while you are missing your program.   Hopefully TWC will figure out how to fix their ad insertion system.

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  • 10/14/15--11:57: Roku 1 and the TWC app
  • Hi, i'm thinking of getting a Roku 1 for my older tv and i'm just wondering if the TWC app will work on it, i've found a post here on the forum that suggests it will, but other sites on the internet suggest the TWC app only works on the Roku 2 & 3. This is the Roku model i'm referring to -


    Thanks for any help.

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  • 10/12/15--17:08: TWC APP ON ROKU
  • I have the TWC app on my ROKU device and would like to watch the same shows that im able to watch on the basic converter device that im renting from TWC with the starter package as it now stands there are only a handfull of channels that are offered on the app as to the channels on the device from TWC i think that it should be the same im paying the same i sould get the same line up offered on both devices. please fix this i have been an TWC customer for many years (when i have been able to afford it that is) and would love to remain loyal to this company please fix this over site asap .

    thank you very much 


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  • 10/18/15--07:01: Roku TWC app
  • Come on, Time Warner! Please fix your Roku app!   As a longtime Roku user, the TWC Roku app continues to be the worst app implementation I've seen.    No ability for closed captioning (when EVERY other app including Netflix, Roku, Amazon Video, and many others) has this feature.  No ability to fast forward if you accidentally restart a show or movie.  Flaky performance - last night my wife and I were watching a movie with the TWC Roku app and the movie randomly jumped backwards about 20 minutes in the movie with no user interaction!  Since there is no ability to fast forward, our choice was to either waste 20 minutes of our time or quit watching the movie (which we did).  Please STOP making excuses and trying to blame the problems with your app on Roku.   The Netflix app is completely flawless and has awesome features.  The Roku and Amazon Video apps are nearly as good.  And then there is the TWC Roku app....

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    i`m watching standard tv thru a roku 3 and currently have no digital adapters or any rented equipment from TWC.

    was working fine for months so I took back the adapters before they start charging a monthly fee for them ... I pay for standard tv and internet and shouldn`t have to be forced to rent a adapter by the way .... online chat has fixed the issue now 4 times and yet again the next day all channels under 100 are blocked ... after 5 differant online chats they now tell me that I have to have one adapter or it will block the channels that i`m paying for .... the first 4 time they have turned it back on and one time lasted a month .... so where does it stat in my agreement that I have to rent a adapter for a month charge so I can view what i`m already paying for ....and or is this really the issue ...  please tell me how to stop the blocking without spending countless hours on chat ... three of the chats had me remove the app and re install .... I have 6 tvs and two cell phones with app .... anyhow any help or anyone else having this issue ... i`m worn out getting not a straight answer ... thanks in adavance ..paul s.

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    On a Roku 3, after updating to the latest Time Warner Cable app (version 2.6.21), I noticed that all of my "Favorite Channels" were deleted.  This has happened on all of our Roku devices that have updated to this newer TWC app version (including my parent's Roku who also use "Favorites" quite extensively).


    I have seen this problem in the past (favorites being deleted after a TWC app update), however, this time it's worse.  With this new version, there is no way to add favorites. Previously, while you're watching a channel, you could hit the down arrow twice on the remote which would bring up a menu where you could add/remove the channel from favorites.  Now, if I hit the down button twice, I either get the following error:



    Failed to get Episode list.  Please verify connectivity and try again later.


    ... or I get a screen that gives some info about the show (show name, release date and genres) but there's no add/remove favorites option (or any other options).


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