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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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    Up until today, I got all the Spectrum channels, from ch2 on up on my Roku - today, I wanted to watch Channel 2, and can't find it - no channels listed below 52. Tried searching for the network (CBS)  and got nothing.  Thank you.

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  • 05/13/17--12:36: Roku App down....again?
  • "We apologize, but we are unable to fulfull your request at this time.  Please try again later."


    I have a current subsription, i have erased and reloaded the app. 

    Why can you not release a stable version of this app?  



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    Boys I hit the Jackpot with our New 007 Company , my bill has gone up $20 + , I've lost the most important thing my Pic in Pic , My Apple Box , My Ruko Box , all 1st gen boxes , Went out and purchase a 3rd gen Ruko Box and it doesn't work , This 007 Spectrum was about as Ready for this take over as the Titanic was that Iceberg it hit , they have screwed there Loyal Customers to no end , and could care less if U call in he or she that takes your call , has to look on there clipboard to remember there names, and couldn't tell U if it was day or night, if U call 5 different Reps U get 5 different Answers but no Heip , There lights on but nobody's Home --------Edward Kittrell ps my sister-in law went to SAMs she got $300 in Gift cards already got them plus TV ,Internet,and Phone $111.00 a month for 2 years that for 4 rooms and includes Taxes from Direct, I'm going to SAMs this Weekend and Pray 

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  • 05/15/17--18:14: Alternating errors
  • I have not been able to use the Spectrum app on any of my devices since Saturday night I am getting alternating errors I have rebooted roku, Uninstaller and reinstalled app some issue continues errors are:::
    "We apologize but we are unable to fulfill your request at this time. Please try later If you contact us please provide this error code S500"

    "The account holder has either blocked access to this feature or does not subscribe to an eligible video subscription account. If you contact us please provide this error code S500" (something to that effect)

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    Channel 12 WKRC is no longer avavailable to watch on the Spectrum app. It disappear on Sunday March 12. Anyone else having this issue?

    I've tried logging out and back in .
    I deleted the Spectrum app on my Roku and reinstalled. Still not available.

    Please help.
    I do get channel 12 thru cable box.

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  • 05/19/17--14:51: Channels' Apps
  • When will we be able to sign into channel apps using our Spectrum login info? For example; neither Spectrum nor TWC are valid cable companies in order to use the ABC app.

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     I have the newest roku and I really like the spectrum app. But now the lowest channel is 101.  I have a box and I scroll the guide and it gets to 101 and the next one is 13xx something. I checked and the net rent shows GOOD.  Can anyone tell me what I need to do? I can log on to all my accounts to remotely record and such.



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    I just noticed recently that I can not access Disney channel on Demand on my Roku specturm app even though I can watch the channel on the app as well as my iPhone app

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  • 05/23/17--14:18: Still no roku app love
  • Nothing but "we can't blah blah blah" message every time I open the app.  Reinstalls don't matter, rebooting my modem doesn't matter, calling support and having a ticket opened with roku support doesn't matter.


    I'm really tempted to just drop my whole cable & dvr and just pay a bit extra to other vendors for programming

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  • 05/26/17--12:17: roku timeout
  • Roku Spectrum app stops playing after 4 hours, with the message "press OK to continue".

    Is there any way to turn off the timeout or change the time period? There was nothing to set under the app settings.


    This a sharp tv with built in roku. Model 5316X.




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    has anyone else in the Akron OH area noticed the local channels gone on the Spectrum Roku app? all the cable networks are there but neither Roku in my house has local channels. tried logging out and back in and still no locals. any idea what might be going on? TIA.

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  • 05/30/17--06:26: Channel lineup has changed
  • I am posting on the Roku subject board but it refers to all the apps.
    The channel lineup does not mirror
    My cable box, I could not find local channels, the other two C-span. The app works well for me but spectrum seems to be leaving out channels.

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  • 03/26/17--16:29: App not working on Roku 3
  • The TWC app is STILL not working on the Roku 3. It's working on the Roku stick but not on the 3. Regardless of what the moderators say, the issue has NOT been resolved.

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    First off my Roku is fine. Hulu works, Netflix works. So that's out the way!! What's going on with the spectrum app and the ID go app. Started this weekend. I have done everything from removing app , putting back on, reboots, unplug, everything. Please tell me why when I go to the ID go app it does nothing and takes me back to the home screen of Roku.

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    For the past couple of weeks (don't know the exact date it started) the audio and video on Spectrum's Roku app have gotten horribly out of sync with the audio getting way behind.  I have to change the channel and then change back to what I was watching to get back in sync, but then it ultimately goes back out of sync.  Anyone else having this problem?  I haven't made any changes on my side.  I see that Spectrum has made some app changes during that time, so I suspect it's on their side.


    Why is this happening, and how do I fix it?

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    Suddenly this morning, when trying to access the Spectrum App on my Roku, on all 4 sets, after clicking on "Watch TV", I am getting a request to Sign In. I have tried on all 4 sets to sign in (with my ID and Password that works on your website), however it just keeps returning to the initial sign in screen. I have been using the Roku Spectrum app for months without any problems, but this just started this morning. Reading responses, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it with the same results. As I watch Roku 95% of the time, it is much more convient to just stay on Roku to watch Spectrum via ther app, rather than having to find my TV remote to change the input each time to watch it via the cable. What happened?

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    I was enjoying watching Spectrum TV on my Roku 4 all the way up until last night.  Today Im getting an error saying that I can only watch spectrum tv at home on an authorized cable modem.  Did something change?

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    Last night I was asked to sign back in and thought no problem but when i did i got a message saying something about not authorized equipment? Then i went to my smartphone app and tried to watch tv on it but it only showed me a few channels and they were not what I wanted so today i came to the website and tried to watch tv on it but it gave me error messages and said to come back later. I have been with TWC for years with no problems now Spectrum takes over and suddenly we all have problems? Please clarify.

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    It was working just fine for weeks, up until today.  Entering our login/password info makes no difference, it justs takes us back to the signup page. also insists that we are away from home, even though we are in our own living room. Same for the Spectrum app on our iPhones when using WIFI. We have restarted our modem multiple times, but that does not resolve the problem. I get the impression from other posts that many are experiencing the same issue. Any suggestions?

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    Have seen this several threads on the topic with suggested fixes - but none of them work.  Is this a Spectrum or Roku problem?   Never thought that I would see the day that I would say that I wish I had TWC back - but getting pretty darn close.

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