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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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    Every time I try to log in into the app either through roku or my iphone i get the same
    message "Update Password". I have spoke with a representative and I was told they would put in a ticket and it should be up and running. That's been about two weeks ago. Before the switch from TWC to Spectrum everything worked fine but now, I can't log in. Fix the problem and stop saying you're going to put in tickets and nothing happens.

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  • 03/16/17--21:35: Spectrum app on roku
  • Whenever I have more than 1 roku running the spectrum app they will crash my router after a half hour or so. It is consistent and does not happen when streaming with other apps on multiple roku boxes at the same time.

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  • 03/17/17--19:01: Spectrum Twc lying
  • Last week I contacted a representative of twc called david to see why I had been charged an extra fee on my bill I was told it was because of the digital adapter I explained that when these adapters started to be needed I was told that I could have them for two years and only be charged after that and I had not got to that two year mark yet. I asked him what  I would need to do to keep my payment under $140 a month he asked me if I could be placed on hold for a few minutes and I agreed to that after a while he came back and said he could keep my payment at $136 per month but I would loose voicezone messaging. I asked if that would be the only change and he said yes. Well yesterday I find out that not only had my tv line up had been changed and reduced to the point I no longer had epix but also a great many other channels.. I contacted TWC and asked them why this had happend and was told that it was because of a request we where supposed to have made in February which we had not done and my wife was in so many words called a liar. I asked the customer service representative what date this was supposed to have happend, i was placed on hold when she came back she said that She had got this wrong and in fact no requset of that sort had been made... I then asked why they had made changes to my account without permission from us the representative said that David from customer retention had made a mistake, I told her that I did not ask for or want these changes to be made and would she please correct this error. She said that as TWC had changed to Spectrum Thursday and that she would need to speak to a representative of Spectrum and they could correct the issue we had and would we please hold for a few minutes. I  said ok and waited I was then put thru to a SPECTRUM rep and was told that yes itbwas there mistake but that they would not do anything about it because our package was under a legacy package and because TWC had made this mistake Spectrum would not do anything. And the price would have to increase. In my opinion this is very unfair and I am being punnished for a mistake made by TWC/SPECTRUM and it should not be beyond Spectrums capability to correct this issue and take responsibility for there empoyees actions and mistakes.....

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    I can no longer receive CBS-TV on my Roku player with the Spectrum app. The channel seems to have been replaced by ESPN, which I have no use for since I am not interested in sports. When I try to set my Roku player to what should be my area's local CBS channel, all I get is ESPN, and I am sick of it. Please tell me how I can get my CBS channel back. I have been on the phone with TWC customer service representatives for days trying to get this resolved, and I am now at the end of my rope.


     I wish there were some way I could go back to my nice Zenith amplified indoor TV antenna, which receives channels 3, 5, 8 and 19 in Cleveland (the only stations I care about) just fine. I know  cable TV is being deregulated to death, but this business of randomly dropping channels--important network affiliates yet!--with no notice whatsoever is too much for me.


     I don't use my cable connection anymore since I installed my Roku player. Is there any way I can disconnect the cable and get all my stations just through the Roku? I understand this is possible if a subscriber at least has the cable on his or her account; it does not matter if the cable wire is physically connected to the television. If this is true, would it be possible to just disconnect the cable from my TV and leave the wire hanging  behind the set?


       Also, I am wondering why my bedroom TV, which does not have a cable box, is still getting all the channels I used to get (about 60 channels) before Time Warner merged with Spectrum. The cable wire connects directly to the cable jack on the back of the TV, and it works every bit as well as it always did. I ask this because of all the talk about Spectrum now being 100 percent digital, meaning any TV without a cable box will not work. If this were true, my bedroom TV would not get any stations at all. Are all of Spectrum's channels encrypted, scrambled or whatever, or not? If they are, why is my bedroom TV still working with this cable service without a box?



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    Channel 12 WKRC is no longer avavailable to watch on the Spectrum app. It disappear on Sunday March 12. Anyone else having this issue?

    I've tried logging out and back in .
    I deleted the Spectrum app on my Roku and reinstalled. Still not available.

    Please help.
    I do get channel 12 thru cable box.

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    Trying to view through the Spectrum app on my Roku, and I get a message stating "We apologize, but we are unable to fulfill your request at this time.  Please try again later."


    I also cannot watch online.


    Is anyone else having any problems?  I'm in zip code 90278.

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  • 03/21/17--20:21: Roku service sucks
  • Roku service sucks, and charge too much for a poor service.



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    Not working in 53151.  Was out Tues for a couple of hours also.  

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    I expected to wake up this morning (3/24) with the Spectrum app working.  HOWEVER, it's still dead from last night.  Currently It keeps asking me for my user name and password and then tells me that it's wrong.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Endless loop.


    Some of the formerly open threads are now marked solved even though the problem persists.  I started a new DATED thread instead because it's getting too confusing.


    When will this be fixed?



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    We appreciate your patience today as we have worked towards resolution
    of the issue affecting our Spectrum TV. At this time this issue has been
    cleared. If you are still experiencing difficulty please feel free to contact
    us here: Forums_Help


    Julia R.
    Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
    Lead Moderator-Community Forums


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  • 03/23/17--18:30: This is getting old
  • App on Roku, iPad, iPhone and tv down AGAIN! I did not change to another provider because with TWC I could use the app to view without tvs. Spectrum seems to be very inconsistent

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    Since the update to the Spectrum app a week ago, the app has stopped working 3 times. Yes, I've uninstalled the app, unplugged the roku, and unplugged my modem. Currently the app has not worked on any of my 4 roku devices for 2 days yet I have no issues with any other app or my internet. This is ridiculous.

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  • 04/02/17--15:39: App not working on Roku
  • Last about 4 days the app won't work on Roku.  I've restarted the Roku, reloaded the App and restarted my modem - no dice.  Is there anything I can do to repair it?  It just keeps saying "We apologize but we are unable to fulfill your reqest at this time.  Please try again later."

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  • 04/03/17--12:32: Spectrum not working on Roku
  • A few weeks ago the Spectrum app suddenly stopped working on my Roku 2. Whenever i open it i am taken to a screen where i choose to either watch tv, subscribe, or view tour. when i hit watch tv it says "We apologize, but we are unable to fulfill your request at htis time. Please try again later." it works fine on my computer. Whats up??

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    "The user or password entered is incorrect. Please try again. (Error:1010)"
    I've tried everything and nothing works.
    Please help

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  • 04/10/17--16:39: Spectrum App down again
  • Spectrum app for Roku and iOS down again in SE Wisconsin. 

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  • 04/14/17--08:42: OK to Continue... Repeatedly
  • I've noticed lately that the app seems to shut itself down, and I get 'OK to continue' splashed across the screen.  


    Is there a way to modify/remove this?  It gets annoying when you're watching a movie and all of a sudden this pops up.  


    Before anyone suggests it... I removed the app, reinstalled etc. Looked at settings and I don't see anything for this.  



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    Showtime app on Roku is doing this  I have showtime app on my phone and two roku tvs whats the problem

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      With all I've been reading on these forums these days regarding TWC eventually encrypting all channels, I was wondering whether or not I would be able to use my Roku player instead of a  cable box. Since the Roku works with the Internet, not with standard TV signals, I would think anyone could use a recent Roku player (Roku 2, 3 or 4) to receive all channels (dependent on level of service, of course), even though they may be encrypted on the cable. I presently have Starter TV service, which allows my Roku Spectrum TV app to receive my area's local TV stations; however, if I switch my TV to "TV" input, I can get most of the cable channels. Why is this happening, and in fact should it happen at all? My present level of cable service, of course, does not include cable channels, only broadcast channels. My best guess is that once TW/Spectrum encrypts all channels in my area, those cable channels will immediately disappear.


     My question is this: When the cable channels are eventually encrypted (if they aren't already; they don't seem to be in my area), will that affect my Roku player in any way?


     Again, since the Roku deals with Internet TV (IPTV), I don't think it will; after all, as I understand it, the Roku players have absolutely nothing to do with the cable or RF signals. The only reason Roku users must have at least a Starter TV account with TW/Spectrum is so the Spectrum app will receive local TV channels. In my case the cable is connected to my VCR, but I do not ordinarily use it, unless the video streams through my Roku player freeze or are otherwise unavailable.


      Jeff (jhs190, formerly jhs19060)





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    I just bought LG 49UH6030 Tv. I tried to find spectrum tv app but I didn't find it. I gave a call to lg and spectrum support and after trying hours and hours we found there is no app for lg tv. I really liked this tv. I have a cable box that is setup for other tv so I bought one more tv for bedroom and wanna use tv app for cable. Can anyone help me to find out if there is an app or any other possible way that I could use spectrum tv app in my same LG tv? Any help willl be appreciated.

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