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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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    The Time warner app all of a sudden stopped working today on Roku. Error states have to use a Time warner Cable modem which I already have and always had. Unplugged both modem and roku for 30 seconds a pice and still error persists. All other apps work just fine and have internet access as well. Very frustrating

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    I have been using my Rokus to watch TWC for well over a year now without issue.  Starting about a week ago, when I click on the TWC App, the App opens, scrolls throught the Authenticating, Building (and other normal initializing stuff) then when it gets to the "Watch Live TV" screen, it immediately goes back to the Roku Home screen.


    All other channels on the Rokus work perfectly.  Also, TWC app works perfectly on my android phone.


    This issue exists on all 4  of my Roku units (Roku1, Roku3, Roku3 and Roku4) in my home.   I haven't moved, haven't changed routers, haven't changed my network in  any way.  Again, all other channels (including those requiring TWC authentication) work normally.


    Representatives at both TWC and Roku have told me to remove the app, update the roku, reinstall the app.  I have done this on 2 of the units with no change.  Did for multiple reps just to humor them.


    Result of calls to TWC are that they can't replicate so not their issue.  Calls to Roku have gotten me nowhere.


    I can't be the only one experiencing this? 

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  • 12/28/16--07:38: Roku TV
  • I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this question so here it goes. Is the TWC app available on the Insignia/Sharp/TCL/Haier Roku TVs or is it only available on the separate Roku devices? I'm considering adding a tv in the garage, mainly for DVDs, but if the app is available it would be a nice bonus.  The wifi signal is strong enough if I decide to go that route but I'm also considering wiring for ethernet (I'm fully aware of the pros and cons of wired vs. wireless).


    FYI...Samsung is not an option.

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    After installing app, the channels were listed in numerical order........but a couple of days later, I must of done something but the channels came in alfabettically order......what can I do to reverse it back to numerical order

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    Once again, cannot use TWC app on Roku or on iPhone in Wilmington NC. Getting the error "only available when you are accessing this video service in your home, using a cable modem authorized by TWC..." I am home, and I have TWC Internet. This happens periodically, and eventually resolves. I get the same error on my iPhone - not on home TWC Internet. 

    Out of US TWC support has no clue what I'm talking about when I try to explain "TWC app"

    IP is, so I'm definitely on my TWC Internet.

    Hostname: ASN: ISP: Organization:
    Time Warner Cable
    Time Warner Cable

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    This is one channel only - local NBC affiliate, WCSH6.

    Audio dropouts occur every 5-10 seconds rendering content unwatchable.

    Happens on Roku 4, Roku Premiere Plus, and Roku 3.

    Happens on Roku OS 7.2 and 7.5.

    Happens on FHD TV or UHD TV.

    Happens on 2.4ghz wifi, 5ghz wifi, or 1gb wired.

    Doesn't happen on any other channel.

    Doesn't happen on other devices (android tablet, android phone, Windows 10 laptop.)

    Doesn't happen on any other Roku stream (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc).

    I've tried manually setting streaming speed as directed in other threads.  

    I've tried enabling and disabling debugging mode, as directed in other threads.  

    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app as directed by support.

    I've tried setting QoS on my router to give Roku top priority.

    It's been over a month.  Please address the issue.  It has to be the source of the stream.  I am streaming WCSH6 fine using their Roku Channel, but unfortunately it only streams during the local news.

    I'm willing to try anything on my end to correct the issue, but I am fairly certain it is on the TWC end.

    Thank you.

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    Tier-3 informed me that TWC no longer supports ROKU 2 because it has "...Old chip set...". 


    Me: Where is this posted on your website?

    Tier-3: It's not on the website. 

    Me:  So how am I supposed to watch the programming I pay you for every month?

    Tier-3: Upgrade to Roku 3 or newer.


    What is wrong with this picture, people? There are hundreds of apps that work perfectly on my Roku 2, including Netflix and Amazon video. 


    There is absolutely no incentive to buy TWC programming if they can't or won't support my device.


    Good bye, TWC. 

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  • 01/08/17--15:43: Live streaming not working
  • None of the live channels are working on my Roku on all 5 of our tv's.  We can watch all of the channels on the tv that has a cable box, but not on the other tv's.  I have already reset/restarted the Roku players and that did not work.  Very frustrated for as much as I spend on cable every month.

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    The TWC TV app on my Roku 3 quit working in December.  When I select the icon,  it displays the Time Warner / Spectrum logo, then flashes messages across the bottom of the screen:   Authenticating,  Loading Configuration,  Getting Channel List,  Getting Program Data.  Then the screen switches to the screen showing menu options on left starting with "Watch Live TV".  Within a second,  the screen reverts back to the Roku menu.  No error messages are displayed. Here's a video I just posted on Youtube of the experience:

    Video of TWC TV app not working

    I tried unplugging and plugging in the Roku.  I tried rebooting the Roku.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the TWC TV app (3 times).  I even tried factory reset of the Roku.

    I called TW support and eventually got patched through to higher level support.  The representative was very courteous and responsive,  calling me back three times over the next week, but the issue is still not resolved.

    As a last resort, I purchased a new Roku 4 Ultra.  Now the TWC TV app just crashes faster. I have no difficulty with any other Roku app, including HBO, Showtime, Hulu, and Netflix.  The TW app works fine on my iPhone, and my iPad.  I'm out of options, and would really like this to get fixed.   It appears that whatever is wrong, is wrong within the TCW TV Roku app itself.


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    Very interesting as Arty Johnson once said. 2  weekends in a row during NFL games the app is not available, this  morning all is well. How can we bring pressure to Spectrum!

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  • 01/08/17--09:19: Issues With Twc For Roku
  • I inadvertently turned on closed captioning and needed to sigh out and back in to turn it off even though I changed It back.

    One channe,l WUABDT2 isn't broadcasting what show in the guide. This has been going on for some time.

    My problem is I I have a past due amount. I'm not getting what I paid for but if I ask for a credit they'll turn off my Internet.

    So, I'm stuck (I earned to use another term.)


    Will they going to get this fixed??


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  • 01/10/17--15:28: Issues With TWC Form Roku
  • 1) For the past 2 weeks Bounce WUABDT2 Ch. 996, at 6:00 PM, has been showing The Cosby Show in the guide but a different program is on.

    2) A message when going to a diffedrent channel telling you to hit the left arrow key for the main menu. It doesn't bring you to the main menu it brings up the mini-guide and the left side.

    3) Not an issue just an annoyance, Hitting the left arrow key is for exiting the app. Just need it to back out of averything and return to the program.




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    For some reason after Roku stick Time warner app workig quite well for sometime over wi-fi it is now generating a P700 error. No live tv. Happening on two different devices. I have tried rebooting Roku, unplugging the modem to reset the router and still no luck. 

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    Take a deep breath and spare us all the nonsense.  The app IS THE MOST UNSTABLE APP on ROKU.  Curently all 3 roku devices in the house return code p700 on 95% of channels.   This is a known outage yes.  But why is it acceptable for this to CONTINUE HAPPENING , and why does this problem plague only TWC?  It's a fair question with plenty of poor service history to support it.  No fluf, looking for an honest answer about a real and ongoing problem you continue to allow.

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  • 01/11/17--10:57: Favorites List
  • I have a Roku stick and a Roku TV. I was adding channels to the favorites list on the TWC app through the "Manage Favorites" section, but once it reached the section of FOX networks alphabetically,  it wouldn't bring up any other channels.


    I thought maybe it was just something with the stick, so I tried on the actual Roku TV and the channel list under "Manage Favorite" stopped at the same spot alphabltically. Is this a known issue and is their anyway around it? I would like to have channels beginning after the letter F in my Favorites. 



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  • 01/15/17--10:50: Bufferring
  • Twc the China support always blame Roku is the problem refused support on 1/14/17. Roku troubleshoot and verified I'm up to the latest revision on all of my Roku #3 which is not a part of the compatibility problem. I now have all the executives and governing power VP's of Charter, Spectrum, Time Warner and Bright House CEO's, CFO's, Sr. VP's and Vice President of their respective responsibility and position in front of me. The next TWC idiot who is going to tell me it is the Roku problem, I will add his/her name od the list and send four letters out to respective upper management to handle it. I will also go public and social media with copies of the letters sent. So here I wait!!!👍👍

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  • 01/15/17--05:33: Roku
  • Roku boxes sound does not match up have updated our speed no help have rebooted many times no help have also replaced router no help at all  also picture skips and show loading message get all kinds of error messages as well . this digital crap never should have been forced on us until the glitches where worked out .  One more thing tried time Warner digital boxes pictures where crap for high def tv??

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    First time use today.  It will not authenticate.

    I logged into Web to doublecheck I had right UN and PW (I did).


    Authenticaiton Error  1010



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  • 01/17/17--16:49: Channel 61.4 missing on Roku
  • I am in northeastern Ohio, zip code 44077 (Painesville area).  Channel 61.4, the Escape subchannel of channel 61 in Cleveland, is missing on my Roku player. Since this is a subchannel of a major TV station, shouldn't it (and all other subchannels of that channel) appear on Roku as well, or does the Roku player selectively eliminate certain subchannels for any reason or no reason at all?


        Thank you.


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    I was watching the TW app using my Roku until it spontaneously rebooted a couple of hours ago.  Then the TW App asked me to log in again (after getting the screen indicating new features, etc).  I logged in and it gave me the "We see you're on Wifi" message. 


    I rebooted my network, I rebooted Roku, and the same thing happens.  I've logged in over and over, but it keeps sending me back to the login screen where you enter the TWC ID.


    Why is this happening?   The TW app is also not working on an android tablet, my iPad or iPhone.



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