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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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    Does anyone know about this issue? Downloaded fine. Was able to sign on. I see all my channels, but always says it's currently unavailable.

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    As the description states, there have been problems with the TWC app since my Roku 3 updated to software version 7.5. At first it was jumpy video, as if the stream is skipping a second of video, and now the stream just freezes completely with the loading bar appearing. The authentacation process when opening the app is also much slower than it used to be and even when it succeeds it opens on an error quite a bit instead of a channel. I've tried reinstalling the app and even reinstalling my router firmware, but the problems are still there.

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    The local channels have duplicates in the 1000s.

    But I'm unable to remove the dupes making it more difficuylt to navigate in the guide.

    These duplicates chann;led are not listed in the Manage Favorites screen so there's no way to remove them.

    Also the Manage Favorites screen doesn't display the chhannel number making it more difficult.

    Is all this by design?

    If so will it get fixed soon?



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    I keep getting an error that either parental controls block or I don't subscribe to a package that allows my Roku and iOS apps or to work.  I have no parental controls enabled.  It started in October, I've chatted and phoned multiple times and humored the support by uninstalling and reinstalling everything.  I've rebooted the DVR and the cable modem.  Nothing seems to work.  Eventually they passed me off to someone on the phone who said it is a "known issue" and they are "working on it," but it has now been two months!  


    Everything was fine for years before Spectrum came along .  I'm at a point where I may have to swtich to AT&T if things don't get fixed--there is no point in paying for features that don't work.

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  • 12/05/16--08:57: Error Code (Error:1100)
  • My access to any TWC online TV has stopped working about 30 mins ago.  It effects all of my devices where you have to sign in, like my Roku Streaming sticks, tablets, and my PC.  The cable box is working fine.  The error code is in the subject line.  It seems like it cannot authenticate my password.  When i try to log on to my PC it doesn't give me an error code but doesn't recognize my password, same thing for the tablet.  The Roku sticks are where  i get the error code.  I sent a privat message to TWC Help as well but posted this to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue.

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    Please help!  All 3 of our Rokus now all let us log in BUT after it authenticates and gets program data and channels,an error screen pops up saying Error code s500 and to contact TWC. We have tried over and over logging in but same error message. We called TWC today and we deleted and re launched the TWC app. We also unplugged the Roku for a few minutes. No help. We don't know what to do next. TWC by phone said they would research and call us back in 72 hours.   


    Thank you so much!  

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    For the past week my TWC TV App will not launch on my Roku TV anymore. I keep getting the message....Session Error. "Session expired, please relaunch the application." I removed the application and readded it back on; however, I still get the same result. I do have TWC as my cable provider, and do not have this issue when access my information on their online website. What can I do to resolve this issue? Please, let me know. Thanks. 



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  • 12/10/16--10:59: 2 Houses - Question
  • I have a home in South Carolina and one in New York. I have Time Warner Tv in the south - a "full package" - HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, etc. Currently in NY I have Directv. If I switch to a Time Warner basic package in NY - can I use the ROKU to access my channels in South Carolina? I spend half the year in the south and half in NY. Will hthey come through in full HD mode?

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  • 12/12/16--15:27: Audio Problems
  • When watching TV using the TWCTV app on Roku, there massive audio problems.  The audio cuts in and out constantly.  This has been happing for a few weeks now.  This is happening on multiple Roku / TV combinations that I have, so, it's not device specific.  


    This only happens on live TV, however.   With ondemand or other options (including Netflix, Plex, etc) the audio is fine.


    Anyone else seeing this?  Any options to resolve?

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  • 12/12/16--20:10: P6 issues
  • We have P 6 and VP6 showing on screen of our TWC /SPECTRUM ROKU TV. We have no resolv. What to do?

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  • 12/13/16--08:45: ROKU firmware update
  • For those of you having issues with the TWC TV app, ROKU has put out a firmware update for its new devices.

    My ROKU 3 is at 7.50. And my premiere plus's are at 7.5.1 build 4068-29.

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    This post is more of a top level streaming issue as opposed to just watching TV on the Roku - but not sure where to post this.

    Several channels when watching "Live" via Roku or iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) have stuttering audio and video.  This has been going on for a couple of weeks now.

    CNBC seems to be the most blatant example - trying to watch Shark Tank in the evenings is an exercise in futility.  The video and audio constantly stutter, buffer, and will blank out and then repeat the last 5 or 10 seconds.  My wife and I have given up watching that channel until this is fixed.  The History Channel does the same thing, but to a lesser extent, so programs are at least mostly watchable.  Some channels (TBS, Comedy Central) don't seem to have any stuttering issues.

    I have TWCMaxx (300Mbps) and Gigabit wiring in my house - so it is not because of a bandwidth issue.  

    It's also an issue with  multiple devices (Roku, iPad, iPhone - all running the latest updates).

    Can someone please look into this?

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  • 12/14/16--20:21: help
  • On top of the P-6 and P-700 display messages when it decides to work, I can only view as much as four hours out of this on Roku. I have contacted Roku on this and they claim it is TWC and have contacted TWC and they claim it is Roku. The message uses the same colors as a P-700 or P-6 message but says 'Press OK to continue using the application' for about a minute. After the minute is up it goes blank for a few seconds cutting before off  audio and video  and then displays 'Press OK to continue' for about 5 minutes . If we press OK on our remote it continues to play the feed. If not after about 5 minutes it goes back to home screen. There is not a setting on the Roku itself for this and there is also not a setting to adjust on TWC TV app itself. I would just like for this to stop but don't know how without a setting here. Please help me thank you.

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    Add me to the long list of customers who have constant freezing and skipping on all TWC app channels on Roku.  It has become unwatchable. I will call and see how TWC responds. 

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  • 12/18/16--10:00: TWC App on Roku never works
  • I have tried everything to get the TWC app to work on my roku without any success. While using the app will freeze and requires a complete restart to start viewing programs again. I have uninstalled the app 3 times and the same thing happens. All other apps for roku work wonderfully. I think I'm just going to attest that TWC is a horrible app for the roku.

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  • 12/19/16--15:21: Channels Unavailable
  • Anybody else with certain channels not available.  ABC, CBS, ESPN to name a few?  Other channels seem to be working just fine.

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    Most local stations and ESPN not working 

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  • 12/21/16--18:38: GAC Channel Problems
  • GAC has audio lag and skipping and the video sometimes jumps back a few seconds

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  • 12/22/16--20:10: RFD-TV
  • Can anyone tell me why on the app we aint getting the RFD-TV channel but are getting it on the cable box?
    In the app it says we are not subscribed to it

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  • 12/24/16--11:53: Channel apps on Roku
  • I love using the channels apps  on Roku because you can watch many years worth of series. For example A&E lets me see 62 different series with all the episodes of programs that were on that channel at some time. FXNOW lets me watch all episodes of the Simpsons. My complaint is that for some reason AMC and FREEFORM will not let you sign up if your a Spectrum Time Warner customer. All other cable systems including other Spectrum customers can.

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