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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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    Notice my Roku says I need to be on authorized modem which I have.  Called TWC and they said they have a nationwide problem with all devices accessing TWC except for your home DVR or cable box.  He said it will take several days to fix

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    After yesterday's TWC app outage on Roku, IOS, and Android, which was fixed last night, the outage is BACK.


    TWC (Charter), Please get your (edited) together and FIX this.  

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    The Time warner app all of a sudden stopped working today on Roku. Error states have to use a Time warner Cable modem which I already have and always had. Unplugged both modem and roku for 30 seconds a pice and still error persists. All other apps work just fine and have internet access as well. Very frustrating

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    I have been using my Rokus to watch TWC for well over a year now without issue.  Starting about a week ago, when I click on the TWC App, the App opens, scrolls throught the Authenticating, Building (and other normal initializing stuff) then when it gets to the "Watch Live TV" screen, it immediately goes back to the Roku Home screen.


    All other channels on the Rokus work perfectly.  Also, TWC app works perfectly on my android phone.


    This issue exists on all 4  of my Roku units (Roku1, Roku3, Roku3 and Roku4) in my home.   I haven't moved, haven't changed routers, haven't changed my network in  any way.  Again, all other channels (including those requiring TWC authentication) work normally.


    Representatives at both TWC and Roku have told me to remove the app, update the roku, reinstall the app.  I have done this on 2 of the units with no change.  Did for multiple reps just to humor them.


    Result of calls to TWC are that they can't replicate so not their issue.  Calls to Roku have gotten me nowhere.


    I can't be the only one experiencing this? 

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  • 12/28/16--07:38: Roku TV
  • I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this question so here it goes. Is the TWC app available on the Insignia/Sharp/TCL/Haier Roku TVs or is it only available on the separate Roku devices? I'm considering adding a tv in the garage, mainly for DVDs, but if the app is available it would be a nice bonus.  The wifi signal is strong enough if I decide to go that route but I'm also considering wiring for ethernet (I'm fully aware of the pros and cons of wired vs. wireless).


    FYI...Samsung is not an option.

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    Worked for 42 hours now its down again. No access thru Roku ipad or galaxy

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    I have five Roku devices, four of which are Roku 2's and one that is a Roku TV.  Four of the five are connected wirelessly. The audio drops out only on the local CBS channel. The video on this same channel is fine. All other TWC channels are fine. Apps, i.e. Netflix, Crackle, VuDu, are without this problem.


    One Roku 2 is connected with a Net Gear plug wired through the house electrical system. This Roku 2 is viewed on a 60" Panasonic 3D tv and does not have the audio drop out problem that other Roku's do.


    While it may seem like it is a wireless problem I have checked the Roku's and they are up to date and have been restarted as has the modem and router without a resolution to the problem.


    Looking for your help in resolving this issue.


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    Ever since Spectrum took over TWC, the App on Roku has been nothing but unstable. The service is unreliable. It is constantly unavailable, error messages pop-up, have to log in multiple times, have to reboot the Roku or TWC modem or both to restore service. It has been nothing but a HOT MESS. Before Spectrum took over, there was a nice solid run of good service on that TWC app.

    What a nightmare this has been. Unfortunately it looks like FIOS may have to visit the household when it become available in our NYC neighborhood. I hope Spectrum can clean up the mess they made. #SpectrumSucks

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    The twc app is not working on Roku. Asks for TWC ID and password. After entering both, get message say that program can only be watched at home using cable modem. When click ok  get twc id and password sign in again. Tried on both roku devices in our home. Same result.

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    Thanks for requiring "authorized modems" to have the TWC APP to work. So now we have to rent a modem from you for the app to work. Very crappy move. This renders my Roku boxes useless. Disappointed in you.

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  • 01/30/17--06:58: Internet keeps dropping.
  • Spectrum (Time Warner) has been dropping  connection . Its the only site that does this. I think you are doing thie on purpose. Now I can not sign in. it won't take my ID or password.


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  • 01/30/17--17:34: Error 1100 on roku app
  • My twc app on my roku box keeps showing authenticating error 1100..I have tried logging in several times and it keeps showing same thing.. what's going on? How do I fix this?

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    Anyone else getting this?

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    Tier-3 informed me that TWC no longer supports ROKU 2 because it has "...Old chip set...". 


    Me: Where is this posted on your website?

    Tier-3: It's not on the website. 

    Me:  So how am I supposed to watch the programming I pay you for every month?

    Tier-3: Upgrade to Roku 3 or newer.


    What is wrong with this picture, people? There are hundreds of apps that work perfectly on my Roku 2, including Netflix and Amazon video. 


    There is absolutely no incentive to buy TWC programming if they can't or won't support my device.


    Good bye, TWC. 

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    I have a insignia tv with roku, the app keeps losing Internet signal and freezing.

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    While browsing channels last night, I came to the Great American Country channel and decided to watch Salvage Dawgs. The channel continued to buffer and at times it kind of skipped or was choppy. No other channels that I viewed had this problem. Is the a TWC/Spectrum app problems, a Roku problem, or the channel problem? Please let me know if someone has the answer. 

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  • 02/01/17--10:22: Welcome to SPECTRUM
  • As of today, my Roku shows the TWC app rebranded to Spectrum.  Naturally, I was dreading what this meant, as I expected swaths of burned earth everywhere, or possibly even a declaration that my underpowered, older Roku would no longer run the app.


    The reality:  no go on first attempt.  It's a new app, so I rebooted the Roku, and... it works!  After going through the slightly long intro to the new app, I can even say it works identically the same as the TWC branded app.  The look is vastly updated (welcome to 2017!), and I'm not certain I like the channel guide (slightly larger text, so fewer lines are on screen at once).  


    Other than my minor gripes, big kudos to the app team on doing this thing right!  It's slightly more responsive than the old app, and I like the new "intro" screen that pops up each time I select a different channel while the app waits for video to start.  The app loading screen is cute, and is a great way to let me know that something is still happening, unlike the old app where sometimes I wondered if the whole process had locked up.  And the best feature of all:  I didn't have to re-enter my login info the first time.  Hallelujah!


     Like many others, the TWC Roku app had become an increasing source of frustration over the last few weeks, as video quality started decreasing and at times the whole thing just refused to work.  Spectrum has rewarded me with what is, so far, a better app experience than before.  Nice job. 

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    Tried watching some shows on WNCN aka CBS and there is a lot of buffering and skipping and the audio will drop please fix this

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    I have complained for a long time that TWC should join the Watch Disney and watch Disney junior app. Every carrier in the U.S. is part of it. We use roku in my daughters room and have both WATCH DISNEY SND WATCH DISNEY JUNIOR apps but can't use them to watch episodes because our carrier is not one of the 100 listed.
    Can you please join them. This is such a disappointment that TWC didn't care enough about its customers to join, hopefully Spectrum will.

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