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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics
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    So I am selecting networks to be presented with the wrong television show instead. For example, I'll select Cartoon Network to watch Family Guy on Adult Swim (At 11PM) and Teen Titans Go shows up instead. Its still doing it too, it's creepy and strange, I don't have a DVR service and am simply selecting the channel on my Roku, it's in a loop as well and plays the same show over and over again. I decided to add a photo of proof of this bizarre glitch.

    Update - I have even removed the application and signed back into it, it still does this.


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  • 09/28/18--12:13: Down since 9/26/2018
  • When is Spectrum going to fix this, whenever you try to log on it says something didn’t work right NO KIDDING!!! Troy NY

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  • 10/03/18--17:29: Spectrum App on Roku
  • Especially around the hour of 8 o'clock pm, the Spectrum app doesn't work properly with our Roku.  Constantly have problems since Spectrum took over.  Had TWC and never had so many problems.  Is Spectrum trying to have customers purchase their product?  

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  • 10/05/18--19:26: Spectrum Choice
  • I am so frustrated with Spectrum Choice. Frequently, while in the middle of a show, all of a sudden the screen will go black and I get a message, sorry, something has gone wrong. Try again later. This is unacceptable!!! Frequently, if I go back to the channel, I'll get a message that I can start over with the show on demand. Also unacceptable. If I am 2/3 of the way through a show, I don't want to start at the beginning with no way to fast forward to where I left off.  What is going on? Is it that the internet is operating too slowly to stream the program?  Sometimes I will be able to get back into the show but the image looks like  a poor digital photo with low resolution. It is not acceptable to have to pay for service that doesn't work half the time. 

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  • 10/05/18--21:02: Spectrum TV app for Roku
  • Has anyone been able to get Spectrum TV on Roku without also using Spectrum internet (AT&T, Verizon, etc.)? Unable to sign in to Spectrum TV, even though username and password are correct.

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    Today the Food Network app on Roku said I can't watch live TV and to "check my subcription lineup" even though I was literally using it yesterday and nothing has changed about my subscription. This has been happening over the past few months with channels I 100% subscribe to but now it seems I'm not allowed to use any channels app....

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  • 10/10/18--14:39: RLC-1000 error code
  • A Spectrum service person just left and fixed a slow internet speed issue.  He replaced the modem.  My router is the same.


    Now Spectrum won't work on my second tv where I use Roku.   It keeps asking for my sign in info which I enter correctly but never goes past that.


    What's going on?

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    Any status? Trying to watch the Giants/Eagles game. This is funny how we get rain, and Charter claims, Dish goes out in the rain. We'll, we've got rain, and you're out too. I've had this service go out more than it's rained in the year so far.

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  • 10/13/18--08:16: ROKU STREAMING STICK
  • i was previously using the modem router combination from spectrum and my spectrum tv app worked with Roku.    I recently exchanged it for just the modem at the Spectrum store and am using my own router which has better range.  Upon doing that, I can no longer get the spectrum tv ap to work on my tv's.  It works on phone and lap top.  I get error code RL-1000 after I input my spectrum user name and password.  Ive called support several times and they say they are working on a fix.....Why did it work with Spectrums router and not mine?

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  • 10/19/18--17:06: No local channels
  • We have the tv streaming service and no local channels working today. Reset the router and roku. iOS app is not displaying local channels either. Did chat with Spectrum over twc app and they said engineers aware. I’m just about done with spectrums tv app service. Anyone else having this issue? I don’t see it posted anywhere on the problem.

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    Is anyone else having issues with the NFL RedZone channel showing up in the guide on the Spectrum TV app on a Roku device? I pay for that channel as part of my TV package. But when I go to watch it on my Spectrum TV app through a Roku device, it doesn’t show up in the guide. In fact, the guide skips the channel entirely (shows the channel before and after but the RedZone channel doesn’t even show up). This has been going on for three weeks this Sunday. I’ve uninstalled the app (multiple times) and reset the Roku device. 

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    I receive an error on the Spectrum app on my Roku no less than 4-5 times a week.  It is horrible, and Spectrum must not spend much money on the IT department so it can figure out how to give consistant and proper service...... they should be ashamed of themselves.... most often give error:  RLP-1006... no idea what that is and their fantastic suggestions of "unplugging" and/or deleteing and reinstalling work maybe 1% of the time... back to netflix I go...

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  • 10/20/18--13:56: Spectrum on roku
  • If I have spectrum internet and WiFi and watch spectrum via roku, do I need a cable subscription?

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  • 10/29/18--19:08: Roku app not working
  • When I click the spectrum app on all of my Roku devices it states there is a problem and to try again later

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    I have two Spectrum accounts; one in my primary residence (formerly TWC) and one in my 2nd home (formerly Charter).  The primary residence account has internet + video while the 2nd home has internet only.  We have Rokus on multiple TVs at both homes.  I know I won't be able to use the Spectrum app in the 2nd home.  The problem I'm encountering is when I try to use my primary credentials to login to a 3rd party app like the ABC app at the 2nd home.  I get an error that indicates I don't have the correct level of service at that location.  Are the 3rd party apps somehow checking the modem/network for the "home" location like the Spectrum app?

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  • 11/04/18--19:40: Roku picture quality
  • Anyone else have issues where every so often the picture quality when streaming via the Spectrum App on Roku just goes completly down hill?  Totally pixilated... sometimes the channel completely stops playing video... and then.. .without doing anything, it just comes back?  SOOOOOOOO frustrating !!!!!!  Can last from a few minutes to 30 min or so. Happens more in the evening than during the day, but still happens then some times as well.  I switched to Spectrum knowing that I could use the Roku devices to stream, and not have to pay for cable boxes on each TV.  Well, I'm getting ready to switch back because while the internet bandwidth is amazing, not being able to watch TV consistently without interuptions is just not worth it.

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  • 11/08/18--12:08: Spectrum tv and Roku
  • I have Spectrum tv and phone but I have AT&T internet service. I can log into my account but I can't watch my spectrum channels thru Roku.  What do I have to do to be able to watch my Spectrum tv channels on my Roku?

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    Periodically I am missing channels from the Spectrum line up that I am streaming via ROKU.

    The app loads just fine and the channels that are available are OK.

    However, channels such as 200 (local Spectrum), 209 (BBC) and the entire set of 1200 channels (all the local stations, PBS, etc.) are not there.

    When reviewing the line up in the Guide, they are simply missing.

    I have tried turning everything off and reloading, with no success.

    If I try a few hours later, they are all there.

    We have one TV that is still connected via a Spectrum provided cable box, and all those channels are available on that TV.

    Where is the problem?  Spectrum and/or ROKU?


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  • 12/09/18--15:59: Roku RLC-1000 error
  • Spectrum: please investigate from your side  Spectrum App issues for the ROKU.  I already re-booted my modem, router, two ROKU devices, verified my user name and password, unsintalled and re-installed the Spectrum App, re-booted everything again.  There were no hardware changes made here at all, no cabling changes, no splitters added or removed, the PC Spectrum App works fine but nothing on either ROKU which were both working fine earlier.  Other streaming services on the ROKU work fine -- just not your App which is reporting the RLC-1000 error.


    Even changed my router's MAC address since some people's issues were solved that way.  After the MAC address change, re-booted everything again.  All Internet is working except the Spectrum App on the ROKU devices.  Cable modem signals and SNR are within range, called customer service and explained all the above but they could only respond there was an unidentified issue with connectivity somewhere within their realm of responsibility.  My cable modem monitoring software (that I wrote and previously utilized by TWC engineers to validate problems a few years back is showing connectivity is fine) .  The ROKU's are hardwired into my LAN -- this is not a wireless issue.


    Hopefully, I covered all your bases as this is not a "unplug the modem and plug it back in" issue.  ZIP Code here is 92064.

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    Such as AMC channel app on roku. Cant use it. CAN use it on Philo though.