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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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  • 09/25/17--17:32: btn2go
  • So, I have the Big Ten network in my package and can watch it on the televisions connected to a digital receiver.   However, the BTN channel does not appear on the Spectrum app and when I try to use the BTN2GO app it tells me I'm not authorized--after signing in to my Time Warner/Spectrum account.     I have not been able to find any information  to resolve this issue.   Is it a known problem?   Is there a solution?   Or should I just cut the cord and quit fighting with issues like this?

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    I am a new subscriber to your 'Spectrum TV Streaming' service.; so far it's GREAT (via Spectrum Internet and a RoKu Premiere+ device/account)!

    I also subscribe to another Streaming service in parallel, simply to get the Yankee's Channel (YES), and 'Fox News' channel.  Would be willing to pay an incremental fee ($5?) to Spectrum if you added these to your streaming package offerings.  Thanks.


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    Twice this week we've lost all local channels on the spectrum app (on laptop, Roku, phone and tablet) here in KC. No reinstalling of apps fix the issue. If it's an update thing wouldn't you want to do it during off hours? It rarely happened with Twc but with Spectrum it's a common occurrence. Any chance this will stop being a problem?

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  • 09/29/17--19:03: Roku apps no longer work
  • I can no longer watch my apps with no explanation. We can no longer watch HGTV DIY Food Network and others. A few shows we a few episides in to like Food Truck wars, and then bam sorry you can't watch that any more. We go to watch a show we havecwatched before and just suddely get an error, we check our connection, router, restart our roku then go online and sign in with code, then we get another cryptic error that explains nothing accept that we can't watch the show. From customers complaints it sounds like a spectrum issue not a roku and day they have called spectrum and told they have to upgrade their account. I don't want to pay more for the service I already had. I got a roku so I wouldn't have to pay a huge monthey cable bill.

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    The on demand portion of the spectrum tv app stopped working. Gives me ROD 1003 error code. My library doesn't work either gives me RGE 1001 error code. Everything else seems to work. I want to binge watch the Simpsons. I was happy to see the had the whole series but I can't watch on demand. I've tried restarting my Roku (twice), I restarted my router and I tried uninstalling the spectrum tv app but nothing works. I am so not happy.

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    Spectrum TV app is just the worst ever. It always shuts down, gives error messages fom 1077, 2051, 1751, failure to get streaming data, failure to get guide data. Geez, not even the support people no what to do except uninstall reinstall. We don't have a fix time. Well why not we pay GOOD MONEY for this service. I have 3 boxes and 1 Roku. Never happens with Netflix or other applicatiobs just Spectrum on the Roku device. Please fix your app Spectrum. Very, very annoying and frustrating.

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    New Spectrum customer here --- discovered the Spectrum App on Roku --- as far as I can tell, it works great for the basic channels that I want. I called Spectrum and they told me that I had to have at least one setup box in the house for the Roku to work. No matter what I asked, (e.g. is the Roku streaming the stations from the set top box (answer, of course, no!)) they insisted I had to have at least one settop box to "guarantee" service. I don't even know what that means. To me it sounds like they just want me to pay rent for a box that I don't need.


    I have the settop box powered off (unplugged from electric power, not just switched off) and Roku app continues to work fine.


    Can someone tell me definitely why I must have a physical settop box? I understand I have to pay for TV channels but not why a physical box is required.

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  • 10/23/17--21:44: What is error code RLP-1001
  • Used to be 1004. Now 1001

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  • 08/17/17--18:38: Error code RVS-1003
  • When trying to watch on demand on roku anyhelp?

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    Why am I not getting live NFL preseason games on the Roku app?  These aren't games even close to being on local TV stations.  Every time I'm getting "A Football Life" episodes instead of the live preseason games.  Whats the problem Spectrum?

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    I just noticed that my favorite channels list is gone.  It's happening on all devices that I have -- Roku, IOS and Android.


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    This just started on the Spectrum app on Roku.


    "We're sorry, something didn't work quite right.  Pleas try again later.


    If you contact us, please provide this error code: RGE-1001


    I've rebooted my system, rebooted Roku.  That didn't fix it.  Other Roku apps are working.


    Edit: Spectrum is also not working on my iPad.

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    So frustrating. Bought roku to get rid of the little boxes they charge 4.00 a month for. Now there  is a problem that they are not eager to fix. Why?  Because they want to mess with us telling use we should have their equipment. 

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    We are aware of issues affecting the Spectrum TV app beginning on 11/1/17.  We are working to resolve it as quickly as we can.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


    James M.
    Spectrum Social Media Customer Care
    Forums Community Manager

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  • 11/01/17--19:20: Phillips RC 122 Remote
  • We have Roku. 

    This remote press TV power to turn on

    Press CBL Power cable box light on

    Go to Roku

    Press video source button

    choose HDML3 for Roku

    When we are done with Roku, I press video source button, and no drop down, or a weird channel selection appears, I select, and my remote no longer works?

    Can't change channels, no volume control etc.

    Spectrum says, they do not send out tech's to reprogram remotes?

    So, we watch Roku, and not watch our 100 other regular channels?


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    Starting last night, no matter what channel I'm on, no matter what TV I'm on, every few minutes I've been getting "Service Unavailable" RLP-1001 Screens on the Spectrum Roku app.


    I restart the channel, and in 15-20 minutes it disconnects again. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


    I've rebooted my router, rebooted Roku and still the error persists.


    Spectrum's service is getting ever worse, day by day.  Unreliable.



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    I sign into the Spectrum app, it looks like it's loading a channel, the screen goes black and then get:


    "Getting RLP-1008 error  Empty list; no streams were specified to play"


    I've rebooted, etc.  Still keeps happening.

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    For the past few days the app won't load. Says We're sorry, something didn't work quite right. Please try again later. I've tried all of the troubleshooting steps. Why do I pay 175 a month? Looking at other options, this is unacceptable in 2017

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    What is going on with the tv app service this past week?!? It has been completely out or a lot of channels or on demand content with errors. Most recent amc walking dead s8e3 error rvs-1003. Get it together already!!!

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