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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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  • 07/24/15--11:28: Username and PW don't work?
  • I have attempted to contact TWC on this issue and apparently everyone on the phone is completely useless when it comes to Roku and the TWC app on it. They were incredibly unhelpful and I sat on the phone for a half hour being passed around to 4 representatives before being placed on-hold for 10 minutes and saying "This is ridiculous - I do not have time for this this morning."


    My husband and I get about 15 channels, all of which we normally can view just fine on the TWC app on our Roku player. Typically, all we watch is the news in the morning, news in the evening, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy. Yes, I realize we lead a very exciting life. Hey, we have a 5-month old baby who takes up most of our time! Smiley Happy


    I digress, for the past 2 weeks, we have been received multiple error messages that the TWC app isn't working and to try again later.... which is fine a few times but night after night (one week, it happened 4 nights in a row) of missing my Wheel and Jeopardy makes Jack a dull boy.


    Last night, it was working completely fine. We watched the Wheel and Jeopardy and then retired to the bedroom to relax and do some reading... again, very exciting, I know. This morning when I attempted to turn it on to watch the news, I received a couple new error messages. One said we did not subscribe to a video package (or something along those terms and the next one stated "Incorrect Username and Password." I entered my credentials in several times and then went to the TWC website and tried them and I KNOW they work so now I'm completely beside myself.


    Can ANYONE help me figure out what the heck is going on?

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    In myrtle Beach they added local channels to twc roku app a few months ago. There are a few mistakes and I contacted twc and reported them a few times to no avail, they are as follows:


    WPDE (abc) is being broadcast on 2 channels, their regular channel and their 24hr weather channel. The title of the 2nd channel is correct but they have never had the  WPDE 24 hour weather channel on instead it is  just an SD duplicate of the main station.


    WFXB (fox) is only being shown in standard definition but the channel says"foxhd"


    WBTW(cbs) is onlybeing carried, their subchannel, WBTW2 (antenna tv/mytv)has never been carried on twc tv app even though all other sub channels are.


    we are receiving the UNCTV PBS channel from NC only in standard Definition but we don't receive our local SC ETC channels, therefore we dont get the local etv programming on the sub channels and the main channel in high definition.

    I love the TWC TV app and hope this will help fix the problem ASAP..thanksSmiley Happy

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    Says that I need to be on home network (which I am), and need to be on TWC approved modem (check), still won't allow login.  I bought this Roku based on what TWC salesperson told me I could do.  Called Nick @customer service, says I have no options and that he can't help with a solution. What the he**???????  Wish I had stuck with ATT Uverse.

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    I have cablecard (media center), TWC Set top box (non-DVR), and TWC Cable Modem


    1. Can I replace the set top box with a Roku 2 or 3?

    2. Will I get all same channels and On Demand stuff?


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    Just recently, channel numbers (and the option to sort channel lineup by channel numbers) were introduced to the TWC TV app on iOS and Android. When will this update be making it to the Roku TWC TV app?

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  • 07/29/15--19:37: Fox SW not on Roku
  • When will TWC get Fox Sports SW on the TWCTV app and roku?

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  • 07/30/15--12:46: Roku- TWC Internet, No cable
  • Hello,


    I have a TWC internet subscription, but currently do not have cable, but I have recently purchased a Roku device. 


    Is it possible to have access to the TWC tv channel on Roku if I only have an internet subscription, or would I need a cable subscription as well?

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  • 07/30/15--13:25: TWC APP on Roku3
  • I have had this problem since day one. cannot pause anything on the twc app. will come back push play and guess what, nothing! sits there for a minute doing nothing, goes black after about a minute will reboot. it will do this after pausing for a whole one minute! also if i actually get thru a show and want to watch another one. to be absoletly sure it will not lock up while watching the next show i always (let me say that again) ALWAYS! have to get out of the twc app and go back in and then it's fine and i can watch another show. it may not be the end of the world but it is aggrevating and i really don't plan on using the crappy app anymore!

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    For the past few weeks the built in M-GO movie application has been gone from my Roku box. I work at M-GO and when I take my player into work, M-GO is back. Thus, I know M-GO isn't the problem. I've been on the phone w/ Roku numerous times and they haven't been able to fix it after exhuasting all troubleshooting solutions. Thus, Roku isn't the problem. That leaves TWC Internet. I am getting a message on Roku that reads "M-GO not available in your arear". Thus, this sounds like a geolocation issue. However, my IP is reading Los Angeles (where I live). TWC, is this a known issue? It's a redunant question since I know that Customor Care over at M-GO has received calls about this very issue from other users. What are you able to do to help?

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  • 08/04/15--08:42: CW 22 not in HD on Roku 2
  • CW 22 in HD on my cable box but not on Roku 2 device. Used to receive it before. Any ideas why?


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  • 08/06/15--09:56: Missing channel
  • I have replaced two STB with roku.  I have noticed on both Roku's and on my ipad that the Velocity channel is missing.  Zip code 29909.  I can only watch Velocity by using the TW DVR.

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    I'm having horrible audio crackling issues when watching Starz on the TWC app off my Roku. The issue also surfaces on some other networks like Syfy. This happens when there is an action scene with a lot of bass. 


    I've tested my speakers to see if they were blown on my home theater system but they are fine. Watching the same movie on Netflix or another source works flawlessly, even with the volume turned way up. So this appears to be an issue with source of the audio itself but I can't be certain.   


    It's quite frustrating and I'm wondering if anyone here has had this issue and, if so, were you able to resolve it. 



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  • 08/08/15--20:31: Roku 3 Code: VP705
  • All of a sudden I am receiveing code vp705 when trying to view on demand movies. Whats the problem?

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    This is more feedback, in the event a TWC developer actually frequents these forums.


    I've noticed an annoying, recurring issue whenever TWC is experiencing backend issues that have an effect on the Roku app:


    Saturday night, for example, I tried to watch TV on the Roku, and for whatever reason the reported error was that I was not connecting via a registered modem (or some such description).  This error--which was not on my end--caused me to be logged out of my TWC account on the Roku.  Since you folks have not instituted a quick PIN-type of login, it makes me have to use the slow Roku remote to type in my email address and password.  It wouldn't be such a big deal if you saved my user ID.  Or saved the whole account.  Clearing out this information in its entirety seems like a design flaw... not a big deal if we had a real keyboard; big deal when using a remote.



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  • 08/12/15--16:03: Roku TWC channel not working
  • I have TWC interent and cable in one location, and I'm trying to hook my Roku in another location up to the TWC channel using my TWC ID and password.  After I sign in, it says "Feature Unavailable. The program you have requested is only available when you are acessing this video service in your home, using a cable modem authorized by Time Warner Cable."


    How do I get my Roku's TWC channel to work using my TWC account ID/Pass? it suggets, WHY would I use a Roku box in the same house where I already have cable??  I bought the Roku so that I could have it work remotely...  I don't want to rent another cable modem from TWC.  Is this an error?



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  • 08/23/15--15:05: Roku 2 P700 Error
  • I purchased a Roku 2 recently and had realized I could run the TWC TV app on it, i liked the interface so much on the Roku I disconnected my STB.  It worked great for the first two days (after stb disconnected) no all I get is the P700 error code "We apologize, but we are unable to fulfill your request at this time.  Please try again later.  (Error codeSmiley Tongue700)"  I have not changed anything to do with the network from the last time this worked, and TWC TV has not worked properly since, I am only able to use the on demand features of the application.  Essentially all signs point to the application not working properly or bad coding?  I have removed the application rebooted the Roku and reinstalled the application - still same error P700.

    My package consists of 200/20 internet connection (aries)
    Full HD package (almost all channels)

    2 STB and a clean (minimal, only 1 split all RG6) coax connection from the pole.

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  • 08/26/15--19:15: Roku 2- feature unavailable
  • In the middle of me watching tv on my roku this message came up and it makes no sense
    "The account holder has either blocked access to this feature or does not subscribe to an eligible video package."

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    I have a basic setup service box in the living room with all channels we subscribe to currently, but when trying to watch these on our Roku box (Kenton, Ohio 43326) the guides do not match, the Ruko guide is missing several channels! How do we fix this? 

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  • 08/29/15--08:11: TWC
  • This is insane, I'm an IT person for a global software company. How is it I start a thread for a Roku P700 error by trying to watch live TV on a better interface than the STB's you offer and am denied capability to answer or reply to posts from "other users" that tell me to: and I quote again "reconnect your stb".

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    I have a roku 2500x. When I search for twc channel nothing come up. How do I download this channel?

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