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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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    Why would I have TWC channels on Roku? Why not just watch them on tv. I think if you subscribe to internet and have Roku you should have access to the channels. Why pay twice to watch the same thing. I only have internet and Roku. Its stupid to have to have cable too just to watch programs.

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    For the past 2 or 3 months, the CBS channel through the TWC app on Roku has been terrible.  None of the other channels are choppy/delayed/rebuffers like CBS does.  It's basically unwatchable.  Does anyone else have this problem.  I'm in zip code 27610.  Thanks.

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    Subject says it all.  Please add.

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    I have been a customer of since 1997.   In the past 2/12 weeks, since they changed the ROKU app from TWC to Spectrum, there have been nothing but problems.   I have spent about 5 hours on the phone with Spectrum since Saturday and still not getting satisfaction.   This morning I called to check on the status of my ticket and the answer was....."The customer will have to stop using the app and plug in the box and they closed the ticket.   Well Ladies and Gentlemen....I am NOT rearranging my entire house because Spectrum can't get their act together.   I was told that the Spectrum app with Roku is not a billable service.   Let me give you a customer point of view in response to that comment.   I don't care....seriously, as a customer, I don't care if it's a billable service.   It's a service that you provide, correct?  If so, then it should work and it did work just fine until you switched over to Spectrum.    I work in IT and have for over 25 years now.   It's simple.  Back out your changes until you can get them working and make your customers happy.   Stop apologizing, stop telling us that it's not a billable service because WE DON'T CARE!   I opened another ticket this morning and if it is closed with the same ridiculous reason, then I am done.   I can already get NBC and ABC for free on Roku and I'm willing to pay the 9.99 for CBS.    What I am not willing to do is contimue to pay for cable if I can't watch it.   


    I expected better from Spectrum, but alas, I'm terribly disappointed and if I end up putting something on my Direct TV or an antenna, you will lose me as a customer forever,   If I choose to go with Direct will also lose my business for the internet, I'll go with U-verse instead.   

  have until 5pm to get this fixed or I'm just done with Spectrum cable.   2 1/2 weeks without being able to watch TV except on my Iphone has put me over the edge.  

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  • 01/22/17--00:05: Feature Unavailable
  • I switched over my TVs to Roku to save money on the stupid cable boxes each month. I also watch TV on my iPad and iPhone from my network on the TWC app. The past few days, I cannot access this application from my Roku or my iPad or iPhone. I spent over an hour on tech-support and was transferred four times. I have 300 MB Service, and the silver subscription tier. I have reset my modem, router, televisions, phones, deleted and reinstalled apps, nothing is working. My IP address is coming from Time Warner cable obviously. Someone please tell me how to fix this or I am canceling.

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    The Spectrum app repeatedly freezes on Roku, this is the only app that does this on both of our Roku sticks. It was easier to watch TV on Sling without cable, I have seen several others posting on the same topic, why doesn't spectrum fix this? 

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    I posted this a couple weeks ago with no response, am posting again.  I have several Rokus, several models.  On ALL of them, for the past month and a half, the video skips forward constantly on what I would call local channels (Fox, ABC, NBC and such).  It is virtually unwatchable, as it will play for 10 seconds or so normally, then skip forward 2 to 4 seconds.  Keeps doing this until it hits real time, then starts throwing up the blue bar every 30 seconds or so, then finally will fall back about 30 seconds into the video and then repeat it again.  It does this only on the local channels, everything else plays perfectly.  On demand also plays perfectly.  I'm in the San Antonio, TX area.  I've reset, restart, reloaded and everything - nothing changes it.

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    Does anybody else using the TWCTV/SpectrumTV Roku app have the Music Choice channels?  My cable TV package Includes Starter TV, Standard TV, Variety Pass,



    There was some problem in November, 2016, where I was only getting a handful of channels via TWCTV, but after a lot of effort and several escalations, TWC fixed something in their back end system which allowed all the channels to be viewed on the TWCTV app as on my cable box, except for the MC channels.

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  • 02/26/17--05:32: Roku missing channels
  • We recently had some channels not showing up on the spectrum roku app. Spectrum tech support tells me they don't know how we've even been using it since we don't have a digital box. We have the very basic starter channels and have always used the roku to watch our channels. Never have we been told that we have to have a digital box to use the roku app and it's been working just fine for the past year of using it. Since we mainly only use it for local channels and news I'm probably just going to cancel services and go to an attic antenna but thought I would ask around first in case I just got a misinformed tech since it's always worked for us. We only have one tv so have had no need for a box since we use the roku and I'm not going to pay a rental fee just to use the starter package. Any ideas?

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    Anyone else upset by the run around given by the private message system on the forum? The problem is on Spectrums end .. it is obvous what the problem is. Hopefully someone sees this that can solve the issue.


    The MAC address of the cable modem needs to be added to the database that Spectrum uses to decide what is a local channels are avaialble to the user. 


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    Why would a channel (TNT in this case) be blacked out on the Spectrum App (iPad, Roku, when i can watch the same channel on my cable box? 



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    I have a Roku 2 streaming media player. It works well, but the font for the main menu is too small. I am 60 years old and my eyesight is very bad (I must wear very strong eyeglasses), so reading anything on the Roku player's main menu is very difficult.  (I have a 19-inch television, which is about ten feet from my easy chair in my living room.)


     I just spoke over the phone with a TWC representative who, I am very sorry to say, was no help at all. On top of all of this, I was in an accident recently (was in several others in the last few years as well) and now cannot read the buttons on my TV remote (I use an RCA model RCR-313BR universal remote with all my video devices--TV, VCR, Blu-ray and Roku), so I don't know which buttons do what anymore. Is there any way I can increase the size of the Roku's menu font so I do not have to guess what TV station I am watching, or am I more or less stuck with this tiny font the Rokus all use on their main menus?


     I watch a lot of TV (mostly news and 1950s-'70s off-network reruns) because I cannot read well (due to my vision problem), and find this problem with the Roku's tiny font very frustrating and annoying.   To make matters even worse, the representative I spoke with tonight told me she could have a replacement remote, with large buttons, sent to me at my home, but the remote would only operate my TV, not my other video devices. Are there any remotes available (besides the RCA universal I mentioned), with large buttons, that will operate all late-model video devices, including recent Roku players?


       I am very disappointed in Roku. The box works well enough for me (except for the remote's shortcomings, which I just mentioned), but there is almost no support for users with disabilities, which I think is downright wrong. (The only concession to customer disabilities I can see on my own Roku is closed captioning, for people with hearing problems or who are deaf.)


       Is there not a law requiring Roku players to be fully accessible to people with disabilities, including access to remotes with buttons large enough that even people with poor vision can see them? If not, there should be. There are people with far, far worse disabilities than mine who use Roku players every day, and who likely must put up with the same problems I do.





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  • 02/28/17--10:26: Spectrum TV for Roku
  • Spectrum TV

    Developer:Time Warner Cable


    Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are now one company, and you’ll get to know us by the name Spectrum. This app is for all customers in all service areas. With a subscription to Spectrum TV and an internet connection, you can watch up to 300 channels of live TV (contact us for set-up assistance if you don't subscribe to Spectrum Internet service). You'll also need a Spectrum username and password (if you don’t have one, you can create one at www.Spectrum.

    Now you can watch live TV right through your Roku. Access up to 300 channels of live TV easily, and for free, with your Roku. Enjoy Bravo, Food Network, your favorite premium channels and original series, sports, news programming and hundreds more. Find and watch your shows by browsing the channel guide by genre and view detailed program descriptions with photos and cast information. You can quickly and easily find what you want through your recently viewed and favorite channels. You just need to have TWC’s standard TV service (or higher) and an Internet connection (customers without Time Warner Cable Internet service should contact customer care for set-up assistance). Programming is subject to availability in your area and the video package to which you subscribe. You’ll also need your TWC ID to Sign In. If you don’t have one yet, just visit to quickly sign up.


    For more information about the Channel please visit:


    0 0 states:

    "With the Spectrum TV app you can view live programming, TV Guide listings and On Demand content. Customers with DVR service can also view recorded programs, scheduled recordings and manage recording settings."


    I have DVR service.  How do I view recorded programs?

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  • 02/28/17--11:52: Spectrum TV for Roku FAQ
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    When trying to watch GAC AKA Great American Country the audio and video is choppy and it buffers alot this is the only channel that keeps buffering every few minutes please fix this it has been going on for a few months

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     I have the Spectrum TV app on my Roku 2 player. It works as intended, but I have a question. When adding or deleting favorite channels, how does one go about locking in the preferences before returning to the home screen? I don't see a "confirm", "exit", etc. button anywhere on the favorites screen. Does this feature automatically lock in a user's favorite channels as soon as the user exits the favorites screen, or am I missing something somewhere?


      Thank you.


      Jeff (jhs19060)


     Satisfied Roku owner since 2011



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    My Roku unit restarted on its own and now I can't log into the Spectrum app.  I get to the login screen, enter my username and pw and it takes me to a "Welcom to Spectrum TV screen where I have to log in again.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Endless loop.


    I unplugged the Roku and restarted it.  Same endless loop.  Other apps on the Roku seem to be working. 


    Is there a system problem?

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    I have just about had it with Spectrum/TWC app.  I was waiting for months hoping the Spectrum new app would fix Roku app.  Netflix, and all others work without issue.  I have been testing directvnow on appletv.  Same TV, same challenges(local ABC) same network and the directvnow quality is far superior at the same time on the same show.

    While directv has plenty of application quality issues, in general I see the quality of the channels to be better with like for like. 

    I am trying one last chance to figure out how after years Spectrum cannot really commit to IPTV with high quality.  

    Does anyone have solutions they know PERMANTELY fix roku3 with wired network in Raleigh area.  Otherwise I am done.


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    The Spectrum app on my IPad and Roku does not show the same channel lineup that I get on my TV (I've just started using these apps).  Also many of the TV channels are missing on the apps - in particular the local broadcast channels.  I'm told that is probably due to using my own cable modem (which I have had for a long time).  Does anyone know how or if I can get Spectrum to recognize my cable modem so I can receive the same channels on both the TV and the apps?

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