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Spectrum TV for Roku Devices topics

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    The TWC app live tv feature has not been working for several hours. I get service is unavailable.  I can watch programs on demand so seems to be just the live tv that is the issue. Channels all appearing and program data is shown.  This is the same problem on all my Roku devices, Samsung Smart tvs and iOS devices.  TWC support has no answer to what it could be.  Just wondering if anybody is having same issue.  I live in the north Texas area.

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  • 09/10/16--15:59: Future of roku app
  • What is the future of the twc roku app with the buyout? Any changes expected after 9-20/22 in the Texas market? I heard that is when the changeover occurs.

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    I got most of my questions answered throughout the thread, but I'll leave this section for my last question.  Can you get boxless service in Los Angeles?  I don't want any cable boxes, just a Roku.


    The previous questions are below:


    I spoke with a rep last week and they informed me that I don't need any cable boxes and I can just get a Roku for our tv.  I called TWC back today to sign up and they said I need at least 1 cable box in my house.  I only have 1 TV, so that will negate buying a Roku.


    Is this correct for the Los Angeles market?  Also, which Roku would I need if it is allowable?  I have a standard 50 inch LCD 1080p TV.

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    When I access my on-demand section on the TWC App on my Roku, I see all the on-demand shows and movies for all the channels. Since I'm not subscribed to 95% of them, this effectively renders the on-demand view unusable. Yes, I can scroll down and manually select the channels I'm subscribed to from among the several hundred available, but this is time consuming and ridiculous. I simply want to select the on-demand option for a list of those on-demand shows and movies available on those channels I'm subscribed to. I've searched for possible solutions, but the only one I've found so far is for a guide filter that shows only my subscribed channels for the live view, but NOT for the on-demand!


    Seems like a blatent marketing trick designed to push all the content on channels I don't get (and don't want) in my face, rendering the whole on-demand option unusable to me!

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    So I have a Roku 4 and last time we updated, the section with all the Watch Later shows is completely gone. How do I see my "watch later" shows list?

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    My TWC TV app on my Roku has been giving "Required Emergency Tests" every 4-5 minutes from all over the country. I live in NC, and I'm getting them from Alabama, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Tennessee....etc. Is there anyway to make it stop. It's now become unwatchable with the amount of them that are coming through....

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    I am continually getting these overly annoying LOUD weekly tests!!!  They are making it to where I cannot even watch tv anymore.  The alert is fifty times louder than the volume  I adjust the tv to.  So when I am watching tv at night in bed I have been waking up my fiance.  Just in the amount of time I have been writing this message the alert has popped up twice.  I cannot handle this and will cancel my service if this continues.  No point of only having service for the Roku and not being able to use it.  PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS!!   By the way, it just happened again and this time it caused an error message on the channel and now it's not working.  This happens about every three alerts.  

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    I have a Roku 2 and  a 3,  was wondering to watch live TV for certain shows for example:


    Ghost Adventures - travel channel

    mountain men - history channel

    Ice road truckers - history channel

    Real housewives all on Bravo -

    Masterchef - Channel 11 -KTTV

    Nick jr and Disney jr 

    investigation ID

    Discovery channel


    i have noticed that since i did not have a TW cable box anymore i was not able to watch any of these shows unless i had the basic or standard (basically the tv package that has these providers bravo etc) this sucks to say the least. so i got the box back just watch the shows and record them as live again this sucks. I really want to get rid of cable all together and just have internet 100mb with Roku.   there has to be a way to watch live TV of all these shows. I tried a trial verison of Playstation VUE and PS vue says they provide Live tv that is not true. 

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  • 09/22/16--06:37: Error Code:P700
  • I appologize, but I am unable to fulfill your request (for payment) at this time.  Please try again later.

    Error CodeSmiley Tongue700

         Now, how well would that fly with you TWC/Spectrum??  Do you find that acceptable or would you tag a late fee on my bill?  How about you take that very same amount off my bill for the fact that I am unable to use the services I am paying for in the limited time I want to use it while I am not at work earning money to pay my bill.  Sounds EXTREMELY logical to me.

    Regards, Robert.

    EDIT:  I know this is a ROKU error. I also know that it worked perfectly yesterday.  What did you change? Did you send their software engineers the correct information?  Be assured I am sending something to ROKU as well.

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    Since the update to the Roku TWC App yesterday, now with the spectrum logo, throughout the day, the screen freezes on the show, and the only fix is to go back to the menu and restart the show. Is anyone else experiencing this?


    Also, I noticed now, that's it's happening on the flash plugin on browsers (IE/FF,) so I don't think it's directly related to the Roku app.

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    I am not seeing recent posts for this but I'm having same issue of freezing, channel dropping and difficulties loading. I spoke to TW and was told it was an application issue and given another number to call. That number was to Charter/spectrum who couldn't help because they haven't taken over my area yet and couldn't even pull up my account. I was referred back to TW and after several attempts with long hold times I was told it was not there problem. They provide Internet which is obviously working but their responsibilities end there. The rep kept repeating this, even after I tried to close the call with "good bye". I finally had to hang up on him because he kept repeating himself. Don't know what that was about but I don't have any other Roku channel issues. Any advice from anyone?

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  • 09/21/16--19:25: Roku TV App not loading
  • I haven't had any issues with my Roku TV and your app for a few months. In the last week, both the TV and the TW app had updates. I had to delete and reinstall the app and log back in for it to work properly. It was fine yesterday, but tonight, it gets stuck on "Loading Configuration". I checked the TV for update and deleted/reinstalled the app, but it still doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks.

    PS - just checked my Roku 3 box and it's doing the same thing??

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    Just got the latest update on my roku and now on the guide where for exaple it says NFL Football or College Football, underneath it used to have the game being played. now it says nothing. this is very annoying especially during college football season when i want to find specific games i have to click each channel that says "college football" where before it had the teams playing underneath.  whats up with that?

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  • 09/26/16--07:03: Editing Favorite Channels
  • Ok, i saw some posts on this, but I don't have the options to edit favorites on my Settings tab.  How do i edit favorite channels, i just set them up and can't get to that screen again?


    Also, when a channel has duplicate channel numbers, my favorites sets up all of the duplicate channels, i.e. channel 9 (CBS) also 1209 (CBS).  This defeats the purpose of having a small list of channels to scroll through, i only need one of them in the list, when someone tells me how to edit i hope there is a way to delete the duplicates?


    I have the ROKU streaming sticks, the 3500-X and the new 3600-X.


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  • 09/30/16--21:07: TWC DVR and Roku 4
  • Can I access my twc DVR from my roku 4

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    In the past couple of weeks the performance of my 2nd Gen Roku Stick has been dreadful.  The channels freeze every 5-10 minutes.  In addition, I am regularly getting P700, P705 and other errors.  I reset my Roku often, and also reset my cable router, but the problem has only gotten worse.  I used my 2nd Gen Roku stick in place of a cable box, so it has severely impaired my TV viewing.


    My Roku Stick 1st generation won't even log into live channels anymore.  I have been able to get through to on demand with the gen 1 stick, but even that freezes.  It's torture.  At least I have Tivo on the TV where this stick is located  so I can watch TV without the stick


    What is going on?   Do these problems have something to do with the integration with Spectrum?  When will they be fixed?  Is the 1st Gen Stick no longer going to be supported?  Is that why it's generally not working at all?  


    These issues are incredibly aggravating.  By the way, in the time that I wrote this email, my Tivo Gen 2 Stick has frozen 3 times with a P700 error.

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  • 10/04/16--14:55: No more TWC on Roku
  • Channels on our Roku with a paid subscription such as ABC, Freeform, etc. are no longer available & channels are dropping every day!! Our TWC Tv channel doesn't even work. U are logged out automatically due to the transition to Spectrum. When trying to log back in to re-activate with code, it won't let u because TWC is no longer an option. If u try getting these channels thru Spectrum u can't do that either because u can't get a user ID & password thru Spectrum. It automatically re-routes u back to TWC. Cutting my service off!!!! It's just useless without my Roku & other features. Every other cable company can log in.. Of course we can't! Makes me sick ppl pay all their hard earned money & can't even log in!

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    For days now, it says "We're experiancing technical difficulties" for channel 5 KSWB FOX(San Diego). Other channels work fine. We use rokus only at the house. Called support and they didn't know anything. Told me to wait it out...Smiley Indifferent Any of you support people know whats up?

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  • 10/09/16--08:06: Still getting p707 code!!!
  • I am still getting this message often - both on wired and wireless roku. TWC - any update???!

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    I sat on hold with TS for over 30 minutes and still waiting on chat.  The App is gone, no TS or explanation on the website.  I watch TV via our Roku.

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